Chely Wright

What’s Up Doc? The Gloves Are On Edition

Here is the latest “What’s Up Doc?” with news on Bret Michaels, Chely Wright, Lawrence Taylor, Prince, Madonna and Kobe Bryant. We recorded this last night and I am glad we did because I am sick for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.  Someone called me Dr. coughenberry last time I did one of these […]

Bret Michaels Gets People Cover; “I’m Lucky To Be Alive”

Bret Michaels. Photo:

Bret Michaels has been released from the hospital and is still under care and watch but he is also on the cover of the new issue of People Magazine. Hmm.  I thought Country singer Chely Wright coming out was supposed to be the People cover.  There I am looking at it and she is not […]

Country Music Star Chely Wright Comes Out

Chely Wright. Promo Photo

A little over a week ago, when it was teased that there will be a star coming out of the closet, I bet if someone said it would be a country music star, they would all say Kenny Chesney.  Well, they were wrong as it is “Single White Female” singer Chely Wright who is stating […]