What’s Up Doc? The Gloves Are On Edition

Here is the latest "What's Up Doc?" with news on Bret Michaels, Chely Wright, Lawrence Taylor, Prince, Madonna and Kobe Bryant.

We recorded this last night and I am glad we did because I am sick for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.  Someone called me Dr. coughenberry last time I did one of these sick which was funny.  Throat hurts so time for some rest.

You all have a good weekend n enjoy Celeb News Wrap Up.-Dr.FB

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  1. Say thank you Doc., and hope you feel better. :-)

  2. First time I heard this, good job Doc!

  3. Get well soon Doc! I have a poorly throat as well :(
    I really like the Prince photos, he looks fantastic without the slap or his shades. What a refreshing gorgeous treat & calling himself Rick? That’s a bit kinky innit?

  4. Rick.

  5. oops forgot…get well soon Doc. :)

  6. If Prince can go to work with no make-up then the guy has got more spunk than anyone would like to admit. Kudos to him for not mixing with the celebs. Why should he, he’s old enough to choose who he wants to mix with. yeah…….
    “I just can’t believe all the things people say”

  7. Thank you for this weeks fun (the Bill voice haha) “What’s Up Doc”
    Totally agree with you on The Prince. This man just does whatever he wants to do, so just let him ppl.
    I do like two of the Kobe pics though.
    Feel better soon, have a good weekend too doc and as always..
    Much Love back

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