Video Premiere: X Factor’s Chris Rene “Young Homie” Watch Now!

Chris Rene, the X Factor contestant has fixed his grill and released a video for "Young Homie" his first video.

When he is not wearing his hat, he looks completely unrecognizable. The work he did on his teeth is almost as amazing as his background story.

I can't imagine a group of people throwing up those signs in the video, but I am digging the song, and the positive message. The title makes me glad there is no longer record stores so I don't have to ask the clerk where "Young Homie" by Chris Rene is at.

Everything else is working and props to L.A. Reid for striking first with X Factor talents.-DocFB


Chris Rene Performs “I’ll Be There” On X Factor

Chris Rene performed "I'll Be There" as part of the Michael Jackson week on X Factor.

He looked clean-cut this week and nailed it somewhat on his vocals. It was a good choice of song for him.

Although we do not think he is going to win it all, Chris does enough to make sure he will be there....next week.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Reaching out more than his hand....


Review: L.A. Reid Makes Right Decision On 1st Live Show Elimination

L.A. Reid and the contestants of X Factor he was mentoring went first. Astro (Brian Bradley) rapped over "Jump" by Kris Kross.

His performance was everything we expected from Astro; arrogant, flashy, and spot on.  Kid has energy and doesn't run out of breath.  It is obvious he is moving on to the next round.

L.A. Reid's song choice for Chris Rene was horrible.  Reid showed he is more arrogant than Astro when Nicole was critical of the song choice of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" from Rose Royce.  It was not Rene's best performance, but his story is so good, there is no way they would get rid of him so soon.

Phillip Lomax was doomed the moment Reid said he was sensational when he introduced him. Lomax surprised me with his upbeat performance. He even lost the hat. Simon was critical and called it cabaret. Paula called it "Mighty Fine" and I started to wonder what was in her Pepsi cup. It was the best performance so far by Lomax but not good enough. He would need Canty to mess up bad.

Marcus Canty was the next performer and had no lack of confidence. Singing Culture Club? What? An upbeat version as well. I am not sure about song selection. Nicole said he was born to sing. Paula was impressed. Even Simon liked it. Not sure if I agreed with Simon or if he is was trying to make it harder on Reid.

Lomax was eliminated. It as the right choice even with Rene's horrible performance. Rene better kick some booty next week or he is gone.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Rene no longer the man in this catagory


Chris Rene Performs “Everyday People” On X Factor

Chris Rene performed "Everyday People" on x Factor last night.

Now, although credited to Sly & The Family Stone on the X Factor site, but it is closer to the version by Arrested Development back in the 90's.

L.A. Reid made a good song selection for Chris and it seemed to impress Rihanna.

I loved how Rihanna clowned Reid's dress attire. Back to the performance, I think it was good enough to make it to the next round.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Speach more than Sly