Usher Performs “Scream” & “Climax” On SNL; Makes Us Do Neither

Usher took to SNL this weekend and performed 2 new songs "Scream" & "Climax" and although the titles were suggestive and wanting you to do them, and I did like "Scream" it did not make me want to do it.

Usher is hitting that level of being a veteran act but still stuck with the "ooh baby, baby" mentality he had with other hits. We love the breakdown of "Scream" but wonder where is the man who gave us "Confessions" and "Nice & Slow" about 10 years ago?

"Climax" to me was just to show off he still works out hard and has the big guns. It was slightly long. Although "Climax" is straight forward in it's title, he did not go the way of Brian McKnight wanting to show you how your you know what works.

Perhaps these songs were not meant for the male listener but doesn't Usher want us choosing those songs while with our ladies? "Climax" may make it there in time but I am not so sure about "Scream" this time.

What did U think Of Usher's performances? At least he sang live.-DocFB


Video: Usher’s “Climax” Comes…On Strong! Funk It Or Dunk It?

"Climax" is the latest video from Usher and from the angry looks on the 2nd verse, he has us hooked.

The song is sung in his falsetto for a majority of the song.  There are no fancy dance moves, no taking off his shirt and it is not needed.

It is a solid song from Usher.  In fact, dare I saw his strongest since his "Confessions" CD.

We are definitely funking this one.

What do you think?  Funk it or dunk it?-DocFB