Clive Davis

Katy Perry & Miley Cyrus Almost “Kissed A Girl”;The Tongue Kiss Gone Wrong

Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus both attended the Clive Davis’s Annual Pre-Grammy party last night in Los Angeles. While posing for a photo, Katy & Miley had mixed signals. Katy went for the kiss but Miley went for the tongue. Gene Simmons would be proud. Both songstresses looked amazing with Miley showing the ever-popular side-boob […]

Whitney Houston’s New York Listening Party

9 of the 11 new Whiteny Houston tracks were played in New York last night at the Lincoln Center.  It appears Whitney may just be back. Alicia Keys was there as she wrote a track for Whitney called “Million Dollar Bill” that we here is straight fire.  There is also 2 tracks on the new CD […]

Facebook Status Update: “Chris Brown Is Now ‘Single'”

  Today’s obligatory Chris Brown/Rihanna post comes from ABC News. According to them, Chris Brown is rumored to have posted a message on his private Facebook account saying, “You’ll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!” And ladies, you’re in luck. He’s also apparently changed his relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single” […]

Prince’s New Website To Be Unveiled Tonight!

And Tonight, the unveiling… More prized than a trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory are the invitations granted for tonight’s unveiling of Prince’s latest galactic web project, . Press invitees include Steve Appleford of Rolling Stone; Benjamin Trott from Six Apart; Kat Corbett from KROQ; Danny Shea and Katherine Thomson, music and entertainment editors […]