Adam Lambert Gets A New ‘Do; Promises “Trespassing” Tour Will Happen!

Adam Lambert took a well deserved break vacationing in Cabo after major promotion for "Trespassing" and rocking out on several mind-blowing dates with Queen.

While he was there, he decided it was time for a new hairstyle. We are digging it. Used to go blonde every summer for a while myself.

Adam Lambert also tweeted that a "Trespassing" tour will happen when the time is right.

Adam still has only released 2 singles from the NUMBER ONE "Trespassing" album so far. When we say Adam, we really mean the label. Here is hoping that "Cuckoo" or "Trespassing" gets released next. There are also those Adam Lambert to "Idol" rumors going around as well.

Could just see the video for "Trespassing" and the part where Adam sings "What'll they get a load of me" I envision him in full Jack Nickolson Joker make-up. Too soon after Colorado? Please! Whatever Adam does, it will cause controversy.

While we wait, here is a FAT remix of "Never Close Our Eyes" to groove to. We are as impatient as you are Glamberts for a tour.-DocFB


Video: Adam Lambert Covers “Hot Stuff” By Donna Summer

Adam Lambert performed at Alice's Summerthing in San Francisco this weekend and covered "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer.

He also performed "Cuckoo" along with "Hot Stuff" professing his love for Donna Summer.

Check out Adam getting down to the disco queen. Did he do the song justice?-DocFB


Listen Now To 4 New Songs From Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” CD!!

Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com
Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com

Adam Lambert Photo: GettyImages.com

Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" CD is due for release for late Spring, and from the 4 sample tracks we just heard, our prediction of this being one of the hottest CD releases of the year is dead on.

Just when we thought the male pop star is dead, Adam Lambert proves us wrong.  "Cuckoo", "Trespassing", "Naked Love", and "Never Close Our Eyes" are pop hits waiting to happen.  "Cuckoo" needs to be the next single; stat!


Adam Lambert Performs 3 New Songs At Magazine Party! Watch Now!

Adam Lambert performed 3 new songs at the Jezebel Magazine party in Atlanta, GA last night. The song above is called "Cuckoo" and is from "Tresspassing" which right now has no set release date.

Adam also performed the lead track from the album along with "Chokehold" at the party.

To check out another "Cuckoo" clip, "Chokehold" and "Tresspassing" click the continue reading button below: