Listen Now To 4 New Songs From Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” CD!!

Adam Lambert Photo:
Adam Lambert Photo:

Adam Lambert Photo:

Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” CD is due for release for late Spring, and from the 4 sample tracks we just heard, our prediction of this being one of the hottest CD releases of the year is dead on.

Just when we thought the male pop star is dead, Adam Lambert proves us wrong.  “Cuckoo”, “Trespassing”, “Naked Love”, and “Never Close Our Eyes” are pop hits waiting to happen.  “Cuckoo” needs to be the next single; stat!

How many sophomore albums have been as anticipated as Adam’s? It has been a few years.  Completely digging the new songs and waiting for an official release already, dangit!  I am sure the dedicated Glamberts feel the same way.

Check out the clips above and enjoy!-DocFB




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  3. RockerGirl

    DocFB I agree about Cuckoo being the next single. I Love them all and after Cuckoo would be Trespassing. I lean toward the former because it is easier to sing along to, more happy and catchy and I can see the younger demographic (which is important to bring into the Adam sphere) really having fun with it on radio – well and the rest of us too:-) Summer party tune with a hook. And I hope the next single is one that Adam co-wrote!!! I think he is very talented with lyrics too. Thanks for the article…

  4. SharonS

    Thanks for the snippets. It looks like you may be right about Cuckoo seems a not so valid poll reflects a small % of the population likes Cuckoo best of four new snippets. Personally love all four and they could be equally as popular on radio. I predict that all four will be released as singles at some point and rightly so. But if I had to pick one that would be reflective of Adam and his entire album I think it should be Trespassing. It’s been a favorite from the first acoustic performance with music lovers and music media. Either way Cuckoo or Trespassing will be a hit on the charts.

  5. Susan

    WOW!!! Trespassing album is gonna slay!!!! I’m having a tough time choosing one for next single, I want them all!!!

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