Video Premiere: Collette Carr Returns With “Why Are You Leaving” Feat. Kev Nish

Collette Carr has mellowed out a little bit on her music. Not so much on her Twitter though. She proves it musically with "Why Are You Leaving" featuring Kev Nish from Far East Movement.

The video was shot in LA and directed by Mikey Easterling of TalkBoy TV.

Colette is releasing music as fast as she makes it via a series of four digital EP instalments - one every two months until the release of her full debut album Skitszo on Cherrytree Records on July 9th.

Skitszo part 1 and part 2 are now available on I-Tunes.

With a title like Skitszo, she will not be mellow for long.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Wonder if she is still infatuated with Justin Bieber....

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Stripper & More! Borgore Vs Dev “Kiss My Lips” Video! Watch Now!

DJ & producer Borgore has just released the video for "Kiss My Lips" featuring Dev. You remember Dev right? She sang the hook to "Like A G6" from Far East Movement.

This video features a live DJ set performance of Borgore complete with hot stripper and all.  She keeps her clothes on though so it is safe for work.  Womp womp.

Dev also released "In The Dark" which although did not reach the popularity of G6, it did gain her a comparison to Lady Gaga.

The Borgore versus Dev "Kiss My Lips" appears on the 23 year old's latest EP entitled "Flex" which you can download for FREE right HERE.

Borgore also performed a set at SXSW last week.  Right now, check out "Kiss My Lips" and let us know what you think.-DocFB


Dev’s New Video “In The Dark” Copying Lady Gaga?


Wow.  Dev just released her new video "In The Dark" and some say she is jacking from Lady Gaga.  They say the hands are emulating Gaga's "Paws Up" gesture along with her getting close to another woman and almost kissing her.  Even the shades she wears are so-called Gaga-esque.

I'm not buying it.  First of all, the hands have a mind of their own as they cover Dev later in the video, quite sexily I might add.  Also, Gaga did not invent lesbian or bisexual moves in her video.  Neither did Madonna but if anyone could claim to bringing it to the forefront, she can. 

If Dev's voice sounds familiar to you, it should.  She sang the hook on Far East Movement's "Like A G6" and had a big hit with "Bass Down Low" late last year.

Lady Extravaganza is really too big where every female artist has to be compared to her or is copying her.  I don't see it that way in this video.  The question is...do you?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: In The Dark On The Edge Of Glory


Video Premiere: “So What” Far East Movement

"So What" is the latest video from Far East Movement. It has been a successfull year for FEM with "Like A G6", "Rocketeer" and "If I Was U" with Snoop Dog.

"So What" has the vibe and video to find itself another major hit for Far East Movement.

I think this gets the FUNK pass and won't be a DUNK.

Check it out and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: All I Want Is Bass


Video: FrankMusik “Do It In The A.M.” Featuring Far East Movement


Here is the latest video from FrankMusik "Do It In The AM" featuring Far East Movement.

I think it might be a grower but there are elements of it I like.  I mean, who doesn't wanna get love in the a.m.?

Check it out above and let us know if you want to "Do It In The A.M." as well.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No Rocketeer but could take flight


Video: Tamar Kaprelian’s Version Of “Rocketeer” Has Legs

Don't know how we missed this but Tamar Kaprelian did a version of "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement.  Don't know bout you, but I like the version...and think she looks better in short shorts than they do.

The indie artist has always been a fav of the doc's and would love to hear her cover "Judas" by Lady Extravaganza...er...I mean Lady Gaga.

Check out Tamar's version of "Rocketeer" n let us know what you think as well.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Here. We. Go.


Video: “Rocketeer” Live From The Cherrytree House By Far East Movement

The Cherrytree House Sessions. Cover Art
The Cherrytree House Sessions. Cover Art

The Cherrytree House Sessions. Cover Art

Cherrytree Records is dropping a digital release of their artists that recorded at the Cherrytree House Sessions and one of the songs featured is "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement.

The Cherrytree House Sessions drops on April 12 digatally and the track list is:

1) Robyn "Be Mine!"

2) Keane "Somewhere Only We Know"

3) Feist "Intuition"

4) Far East Movement & Frankmusik "Rocketeer"

5) Sting "The Snow It Melts the Soonest"

6) Ellie Goulding "The Writer"

7) Natalia Kills "Mirrors"

8) Mohombi "Bumpy Ride"

9) Kelis “Brave”

10) Mt. Desolation "State of Our Affairs"
Sounds hot!  below is Far East Movement killing "Rocketeer" at the Cherrytree House.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Here We Go