Fox News Calls Obama “Skinny, Ghetto, Crackhead”

A Fox News correspondent called President Obama a "Skinny, ghetto, crackhead" while trying to make a point about Chris Wallace from MSNBC.

Chris said that hopeful Republican Presidential Nominee looks like a car bomber. I agree more with the Fox analyst that he looks more like Winnie The Pooh. Cartoon characters aside, that's when the Fox analyst went for the Obama crackhead comparison.

At first he was just what if it was said but. after saying it, he said he does look like one.

So my question is, is he allowed to say that or did he go too far.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Let it snow let it snow let it snow....


Video: Chris Brown’s MTV VMA Performance Would Have Made Michael Jackson Proud

Chris Brown took to the MTV Video Music Award stage not to win an award, but to remind everyone of his talent. No distractions. No Twitter rants. No interviews to talk about you know what. Just a performance. If he keeps sticking to what he did tonight, he may make more than just Michael Jackson proud.

I know I will get flack for saying that MJ would have loved the performance. Yet, look at the entertainment factor of what Breezy did. The flying above the crowd. The flips. From moving from one platform to the next. Even throwing in a little bit of Nirvana beforehand just for kicks. You know as well as I do, MJ would have loved to have done that.

I like Chris. I don't like what he did in the past. But should one night define him? Chris, just keep performing. No more stupid battles with Fox News People on Twitter. No more interviews. Let your music and performances speak. Trust me. The silent treatment works and puts the spotlight back where it belongs; you on stage.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Smells Like Breezy Spirit


McDonald’s France Gay Ad Causing Stir In America (Watch Now)

So a Mcdonald's ad in France that is promoting diversity is creating a firestorm as Bill O'Reilly of Fox News is saying it is like inviting Muslim terrorists to a Royal with Cheese.

He said the ad would never run in America. One has to wonder if Bill watches the logo network?

What do you think of the commercial?-Dr.FB


Fox News Calls New Gaga Video “Poision For Kids”

You know, I am not really blown away by the new Lady Gaga video "Telephone" but when FOX News complains about it, it makes me like it more.

FOX News calls it "poison for the minds of our kids" and calls it straight pornography.  Actually, I saw a lot of girl on girl action in it more than straight.  I kid. I kid. 

As for the poison, not really digging the whole poison thing she has going in the "paparazzi" and "telephone" video.  Gonna be scared when hot blonde short women bring me drinks from now on.

What do you think of FOX's views of the Gaga video?-Dr.FB

P.S. for those people who watch FOX News and may not have seen the video, here it is.


Much Ado About Nothing…..

President Obama & School Children. File Photo
President Obama & School Children. File Photo

President Obama & School Children. File Photo

Looks like all that talk about President Obama's speech was just hot air.

Imagine that....-Dr.FB

P.S. Kind of pathetic that FOX News decided not to air it isn't it?


Video: Man Tries To Pick Up On Reporter During Interview

Uri Man tried to pick on Fox News  Anchor Ainsley Earhardt and we think he may have succeded by her nervous laugh at the end of the video. Well played Uri, well played.-Dr.FB


CNN Slips To 3rd in Prime-Time Ratings

Fox News hit a record number with it's prime-time ratings followed by MSNBC. CNN dropped 10 percent over last year to come in 3rd.

This is the first time ever the network has ever came in 3rd for prime-time ratings.-Dr.FB