Check Out The NEW DrFunkenberry.com Store!

If you haven’t checked it out already, the NEW DrFunkenberry.com store has some hot items including t-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, and just like the Dr, a tie he wears everywhere…..yes….even there! We even have items for your Ipad and Iphone. Ladies!!!!  make sure to adjust the shirt settings to your unique body. Thanks to Heidi Skinner for […]

The Next Big Thing: APPISODES?!?!

 So, I was surfing iTunes today and happened upon the App Store and while I can preview it on the puter I can’t actually enjoy the addictive stupidity of “Angry Birds” on my phone (thank God) but I did happen upon an app that made me want to upgrade (Thanks Verizon for finally adding iPhones!) […]

OMG! Girls Loses Virginity & Then Texts Her Dad By Accident!

This news is just TMTH! (Too Much To Handle for those who don’t text on the regular.) Elizabeth Frisinger was getting her groove on for the first time on a class trip on the beach.  Apparently, the sex was so hot n good, (ahh yes, the joys of sex on the beach and getting sand […]