Kevin Bacon

Chace Crawford Is New York Cool

If they were ever to remake Saturday Night Fever, I know who should star in it. Even when Chace Crawford is just walking down the street, he is straight New York cool.  The “Gossip Girl” star seems to be enjoying his summer.   All we have to wonder is when will Chace really blow up?  We […]

Scarlett Johansson’s Directorial Debut Shot Down

Scarlett Johansson will have to wait for another time for her directorial debut.  Her short with Kevin Bacon was left on the cutting room floor. It was to be part of a film series called “New York, I Love You”. We are told it will be used in something later this year.  People are being nice […]

Is Chace Crawford Getting “Footloose”?

Chace Crawford is being offered the role that Zac Efron left last week? Word around town is it is true. Although cast for a remake of “Footloose” a while ago, Zac Efron dropped out of the movie a little over a week ago.  It seems right now the next choice on the list is Gossip […]

Paramount Pictures Pushes Forward Zac Efron’s Footloose

Paramount Pictures is pushing foward fast the Footloose remake with Zac Efron.  This was announced last year and perhaps Paramount was waiting to see what High School Musical 3 would do at the box office. Well, it is ready to go. Holy Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon!  The director of High School Musical 3 Kenny […]