Kurt Warner

There Is No Doubt That Kurt Warner Is “Hellagood”

Kurt Warner did the Cha Cha Cha last night on Dancing With The Starsand moved one step closer to being in the top 2 in our opinion. Kurt and Anna danced to “Hellagood” from No Doubt last night which is an upgrade of the songs they have chosen for him of 80’s movies. We think […]

Kurt Warner Has The “Final Countdown” On DWTS

Kurt Warner may have danced his way into the “Final Countdown” on “Dancing With The Stars” as he did not look his best last night. Bret Michaels made a special appearance to help Kurt rock out and it may not helped Kurt.  Check it out above and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Kurt Warner “Bewitches” Himself Into Favorite Role

I have NEVER seen Kurt Warner so light on his feet.  If he was this light on the football field, people would have been calling him sweet feet. Warner did the quick step to the “Bewitched” TV theme and they did not monkey around like Bristol Palin did. I think Kurt Warner is safe for […]

Dancing With The Stars Acoustic Review

Florence Henderson File Photo

Hey everyone! Ok, let’s cut to the chase….Dancing with the Stars. Stage in the round. Acoustic Night. 2 sets of score. YAWN. Is this really necessary? I mean, changing the stage and an acoustic only band?? C’mon! That’s not the only change tonight, and now we have to endure 2 sets of score tonight. One […]