Dancing With The Stars Acoustic Review

Florence Henderson File Photo

Florence Henderson File Photo

Hey everyone! Ok, let’s cut to the chase….Dancing with the Stars. Stage in the round. Acoustic Night. 2 sets of score. YAWN.
Is this really necessary? I mean, changing the stage and an acoustic only band?? C’mon! That’s not the only change tonight, and now we have to endure 2 sets of score tonight. One set for technique and the other for performance. So it was best out of 60 tonight. Listen, the original formula works, so let’s please stick to that!! However, once again we were in for some great dances and some train wrecks. However…I am shocked to inform you…there were more great dances tonight!

The night started off with everyone’s good-looking uncle, Kurt Warner and his partner Anna T. They danced the Rumba. Kurt shocked us tonight by giving us some great hip action. The crowd was screaming whenever he shimmed his hips slowly from side to side. As a Christian man he sure knows how to be sexy. GOOD GOD is right. Although he got a 34 out of 60, 15 for technique and 19 for the performance, he is still one of my favorites.

Up next was Brandy & Maskim. I was ready to be annoyed and embarrassed for her. Surprise, surprise, Brandy shocked me by actually….good! And almost likable! They danced the rumba and and things got a bit sexy between the two. It really looked like she was trying and no annoying crying or screaming when the judges made their critiques. It was a beautifully choreographed dance. They received a 48 out of 60.  22 for technique and 26 for performance. Good scores….that they actually deserved!

Our tall glass of water Rick Fox was next with his partner Cheryl. They danced the Tango. The “serious face” that best suites the dancers during the tango took away from Foxy’s appeal. We all love that sexy smile. Instead, it was replaced by a scowl. As far as his dancing, there wasn’t a lot of movement. He kinda just stood there for the most part,while Cheryl was dancing around him and on him…but he did contribute by lifting his partner which made for some great lifts, which are allowed in the Tango. Overall, the routine just didn’t give us the effect that Rick usually gives us. The judges felt the lack of excitement as well. Scoring a 39 out of 60. 19 for technique and a 20 for performance…it was a surprising low score for one of my favorites.

Kyle and Lacey were up next dancing the rumba. And after Foxy’s less than stellar performance,I needed Kyle to boost my excitement. Since sex appeal is needed for this dance, my hopes weren’t too high. Although Kyle is not a sexy guy….the fact that he tried to be sexy, really reflected on the judges and the crowd. He is still chubs and hasn’t lost a lot of weight by now…but that ads to his “cute” appeal. Although the routine wasn’t a wow, he managed to score a 40 out of 60. 12 for technique and 22 for performance.

Situation and Karina. Cringe. Cringe. Look, he is trying. And I love him for that. But, he is not a dancer. His body is meant to be looked at, not danced with. No wonder why he likes to fist pump….that is all the dancing he can do. They danced the tango…but honestly, Situation was dancing the “stando” rather than the tango. He stood almost the entire dance while Karina danced around him (kinda like Rick & Cheryl) They got the nights lowest score of 28 out of 60. 12 for technique and 16 for performance. I was rooting for him and I actually like the guy. But I think he may have danced his last dance…or whatever he’s been doing. ”

The raunchiest, sexiest, erotic dance of the night was…..FLORENCE HENDERSON aka MRS. BRADY. Yes people, no joke. How the hell did she and her partner Corky manage to have the sexiest dance of the night you ask?? Well, they danced the rumba..the sexiest dance of them all..and they didn’t disappoint. They were at times, uncomfortably raunchy. But I LOVED IT. This is what the show is about. Taking an 76 yr old out of her comfort zone and all the audience as well. For a 76 yr old, I give her sooooo much credit and she looked great! Love her! The judges gave her a 35 out of 60. 17 for technique and 18 for performance.

The viewers favorite Jennifer Grey was back with her partner Derek Hough. They danced the Tango, and boy were they back with…with a vengeance!!! The AMAZING choreography and the nearly flawless dancing from the two of them made the competition get serious again. You have to watch to see how they earned the highest scored performance of the night. They score a 56 out of 60 18 for technique and a 29 for performance.

After such an amazing dance by Jennifer and Derek. The buzz-kill that is Bristol Palin danced the rumba with her very touchy, feely partner Mark Ballas. Ok, the teen Mom started off the dance…ON HER BACK. Yes, on her back. (insert comments here..lol)  And that is where she should have stayed. UGH! Watching her is painful. She is awkward and you start to feel awkward knowing that her mom Sarah is watching her teen daughter try to grind, caress her partner without any emotion or rhythm. It’s awful. She scored a 32 out of 60. 18 for technique and 14 for performance.

Last dance of the night, was Audrina and Tony. They danced the Tango. Look, she dances good, not great. She doesn’t mess up and that is why she is still a contender.  She is so boring to look at and maybe it is because she still lacks emotion. Those eyes kill me…and not in a good way….she looked bored to death! They got a 46 out of 60. 24 for technique and 22 for performance.

Tune in tomorrow night to see who gets the boot….it’s either going to be the Situation or Bristol….I’m hoping Bristol!! But you never know!  But regardless, KEEP IT FUNKY!-Nurse IVY



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