Dr. Dre Commercial For New & First Laptop Designed For Music

Here is the new commerical for HP for the first laptop designed for music. It's quite interesting but will it drive music lovers to buy it?

Check it out above.-Dr.FB


Disney Star Adrienne Bailon Involved in Nude Photo Scandal!

Adrienne Bailon involved in Nude Pic Scandal.  File Photo
Adrienne Bailon involved in Nude Pic Scandal.  File Photo

Adrienne Bailon involved in Nude Pic Scandal. File Photo

Semi-nude pics of Adrienne Bailon have ended up on the Internets.  At least 3 so far.

The star of Disney's Cheetah Girls reported her computer stolen from JFK Airport last month.  She did file a report, but later that day, her record label was called and said the laptop would be returned for a $1,000. 

The trade was done, but the photos were missing. 

That happened last month but we heard about this story earlier this weekend.  Now, 3 pics have leaked..or is it "leaked"?  This is a hard one. 

After the Vanessa Hudgens nude pics last year and all those Miley Cyrus shots who someone jacked from her phone, and the Kim Kardashian sex tape a couple years ago, it's like a pattern.  Ironically enough, Adrienne is dating Robert Kardashian, Kim's brother.

IF these pics, intended for Robert were truly stolen, I feel horrible for her.  See, I have known of Adrienne Bailon since she was in 3LW n some stuff was going on within the group.  However, a huge majority of you are just hearing about her for the first time today.  Kind of interesting exposure, right?

She is hot and I have seen the pics, and they are hot.  One shot of her in her bra and then two of her derriere without any knickers.  If these were "accidentally" leaked by her, it's genius.  If someone else did steal them, this is a horrible crime. 

If you wish to see those pics, please do a google search because right now, even though it would give me a million more views, I cannot justify posting them. 

 It is less about being the most hated entertainment blogger than being the least respected.-Dr.FB


Circuit City Closing 155 Stores!

155 Circuit City stores will be closing their doors with major sales tomorrow at those stores.

Expect MAJOR blow-out sales at those stores. 

Too bad the economy has me messed up or I would be picking up a laptop and a HDTV tomorrow.

MY FRIENDS, do we really need another 4 years of the same ol same ol? 

Vote and make a change.-Dr.FB