Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Video: Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon Poke Fun At Late Night War To Be

It appears that NBC didn’t learn its lesson with Jay Leno from a few years ago; do not replace him on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon or anyone. It does not end well. For now, Fallon and Leno are taking things in stride. Appearing in a skit together that takes place between when Leno […]

PRINCE Set To Perform On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!!!

Questlove and myself have been hinting about it for weeks but we can now finally say that PRINCE is set to perform on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday, March 1st! 3/1/13! This will be PRINCE’s first performance on Fallon’s show. Jimmy & Questlove are big time PRINCE fans. Some would say that Quest […]

Justin Timberlake Set To Host & Perform On SNL; Full Week On Fallon!

Not only will Justin Timberlake be the host and guest of Saturday Night Live March 9th, he will be on Jimmy Fallon for the entire week of March 11th through March 15th! When Justin has guested or hosted SNL, it has been some of their funnier episodes. How could we forget Jimmy & Justin performing […]

Video: Jimmy Fallon Reveals new PRINCEtagram iPhone App!

On “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last night, Jimmy revealed a new iPhone app called the PRINCEtagram. It is when you take a photo of yourself and it turns it into a PRINCE album cover. Jimmy’s photo turned into the “Controversy” album cover. Higgen’s turned into….well….you knew they were going to go there. Wonder why […]