New Bruce Springsteen Album Released…Without Springsteen Knowing!

Bruce Springsteen‘s new album came out Saturday night…without Springsteen even knowing the album was released. “High Hopes” was to be released on January 14th, 2014. Amazon started selling mp3’s of the album Saturday night. Amazon has removed the tracks but the songs are all over file sharing web sites. According to USA Today, the tracks […]

#Yeezus Leaks! Kanye West Remains Chill

Kanye West’s new album Yeezus leaked yesterday, only 4 days before it came out. In today’s market, when albums can leak a week to months in advance, it almost seemed like it may not leak. TMZ is reporting that Def Jam is trying to find out who the leaker is. When albums are sent for […]

NEW Nine Inch Nails “Came Back Haunted”! Listen Now!!!

The NEW Nine Inch Nails track has been leaked a day early! “Came Back Haunted” was to be premiered on KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles Thursday. This track is from their upcoming album “Hesitation Marks” due out September 3rd! To listen to the NEW Nine Inch Nails track “Came Back Haunted”, click here or on […]

New Unreleased Jennifer Lopez “What Is Love (Part II) Leaks! Listen Now!

“What Is Love (Part II) from Jennifer Lopez” sampling The Temptations “War (What Is It Good For?) replacing “War” with “Love” has been leaked. The song was due for release in 2009 and is unreleased. She mentions her divorce to Marc Anthony in the song singing “I had a ring on it, but I had […]