Watch Now! 3RDEYEGIRL & PRINCE Perform “LET’s GO CRAZY” In Manchester!

Prince London Photo: BBC News 6

3RDEYEGIRL & PRINCE performed at Manchester Academy last Saturday night which we hear was quite an epic show. 3RDEYEGIRL has posted a FULL version of them performing "LET's GO CRAZY" in Manchester!

This was a crazy night and a good insight to what the UK shows were like.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Where 2 next...??? 4 the time being, check out the latest PRINCE SPREECAST ABOVE!


3RDEYEGIRL & PRINCE “Go Crazy” In Manchester!

 PRINCE AT KOKO - FIRST SHOW - © 2014 Jenn Five

3RDEYEGIRL & PRINCE performed 2 shows at Manchester Academy over the weekend in the UK, and if you believe the critics, it was 2 shows for the ages.

"The audience couldn’t get enough of him and the band. They were up for it from the first rumours. They were hot, sweaty, crushed up close and personal, bathed in love and attraction. He’s worshipped and he deserves it, not only because he’s a great artist, but because he gives it back. He doesn’t just take. Waves of passion and ecstatic love, joyous emotion and a real connection. You could say we all came together."-LouderThanWar

“Prince played many instruments at the gig — guitar, bass and piano and played a mix of his hits such as Purple Rain, When Doves Cry and Raspberry Beret, as well as classic album tracks and B-sides such as She's Always In My Hair, Endorphinmachine, Musicology and Bambi".-BoltonNews

"Manchester loves Prince and Prince loves Manchester"-HBF

 - PRINCE AT KOKO - FIRST SHOW - © 2014 Jenn Five

 "Dispensing with the expanded dancers 'n' singers 'n' brass players 'n' guest stars line ups of recent years, his current 3RDEYEGIRL band comprises himself, the astonishingly skilled trio of Donna Grantis, Ida Nielsen and Hannah Welton on guitar, bass and drums respectively, and rarely-mentioned sometime fifth member Joshua Welton bouncing around from keyboards to percussion to, well, jumping up and down and grinning (as you would)It's also notable that he shares the guitar limelight with Grantis, to a degree he has with nobody since Wendy Melvoin, and hands her lead duties on several of his signature guitar heroics tracks, an opportunity she does audacious things with."-TheQuietUs

"Dig, if you will, a picture, of more than 2,500 dazed humans spilling out into a Manchester street after having their hearts, minds and assorted other body parts well and truly blown."-Mirror

01-Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL-King's Place

"Prince and his fantastic new female band 3EDEYEGIRL have been onstage in this 2,600-capacity venue for seconds under three hours, and yet he looks and sounds for all the world as if he's just getting started."-Guardian


Diagnosis: Where 2 next???


Prince & 3rdEyeGirl’s Billboard Award Performance! Watch Now!!!

3rdEyeGirl Billboard Awards. Photo: Billboard.com

Prince performed live with 3rdEyeGirl at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday!

To view the performance, click on the continue reading button!!


Listen Now! PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl “Let’s Go Crazy” Reloaded!

3rd Eye Girl Let's Go Crazy Reloaded

Holy Mother Of G-d! 3rdEyeGirl on Twitter just released this rehearsal version of "Let's Go Crazy Reloaded by PRINCE & 3rd Eye Girl! Thank U Madison Dube!

Man O'Man! PRINCE, Donna Grantis, Hannah Ford-Welton & Ida Nielsen sound amazing on this "Purple Rain" classic.

If this is what we are to expect on the Live Out Loud West Coast Tour....it is going to be rockin' to the 12th power!


Earlier this week, 3rd Eye Girl declared how FUNKY the tour was going to be.

With the "Let's Go Crazy" Reloaded rehearsal, they are right about the heeeir (Hair for the non-funky) being messed up in different directions!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Take Me Away!

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