Justin Bieber Goes For The Construction Worker Look From The Village People

Justin Bieber Photo: FameFlyNet.Com

Justin Bieber has traded in his gas mask for the construction worker from the Village People while out in London yesterday.

Justin Bieber Photo: FameFlyNet.Com

We doubt Justin has ever been to a YMCA. The purple leopard pants makes us wonder if he is trying out for LMFAO or The Navy.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Justin, Justin, Justin....sigh...


Can Anyone Explain This Outfit By Red Foo To Me? Anyone?

Red Foo Photo: GettyImages.com

Here is Red Foo wearing an outfit that another wouldn't dare to the GRAMMY's red carpet.

We know he is in the group LMFAO but we didn't know he was trying to get us to LMFAO.-docFB

Diagnosis: Truth be told..I'm just jealous cause my calves don't look that good.....


LMFAO Set To Host & Party Rock The MuchMusic Awards!

LMFAO Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
LMFAO Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

LMFAO Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

One thing is certain at The MuchMusic Awards this weekend, there might be an apology by the hosts for party rocking! Yes, LMFAO are set to host the MuchMusic Awards this weekend.

In the U.S., there will be LMFAO takeover specials all weekend long leading up to the dynamic duo hosting the awards.

With Sky Blu and Red Foo hosting, this is sure to be one of the most fun award shows ever.

The show will feature performances by LMFAO obviously, along with Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, and Katy Perry.

We have a feeling that Red Foo may try to holler at Katy.  That is just one of the many reasons to watch the MuchMusic Awards this weekend on the FUSE network.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  The Doc Is NEVER Sorry For Party Rocking......


LMFAO Turns Chelsea Handler Into A Party Rockin’ Fan

LMFAO did their first ever couch interview on "Chelsea Lately" with Chelsea Handler. They talked about "package sizes" and other LMFAO topics.

When I first heard about Red Foo and Sky Blu appearing on "Chelsea Lately" I thought it could be career suicide for them. They handled it well, staying in "Party Rock" mode, they didn't come off douchey or looking pathetic.

Calling themselves "Domino" instead of mixed was rather cool and talking about cheating on musical chairs and Red Foo talking about his father Berry Gordy and how much he supports the group.

All in all, a great interview. Check it out.-DocFB


LMFAO: We Are Getting Sued & We Know It

LMFAO Promo Photo
LMFAO Promo Photo

LMFAO Promo Photo

LMFAO are being sued for $7 million dollars by their former managers.

The uncle and nephew  team of Stefan “Redfoo’” Gordy and Skyler “SkyBlu” Gordy, have been sued by bosses at personal management company RPM GRP, who state  the band signed a deal with them in 2008 but later disregarded  the contract and hired two of the firm’s former employees to manage them instead.

The lawsuit was filed in Santa Monica and served to Redfoo yesterday before taping "American Idol" and he posed for a picture with the legal papers.

“LMFAO has thanked the managers who took them from ’0 to 60′ by throwing them under the tour bus (i.e. firing them). Instead of hiring new managers, LMFAO then poached two employees of the original managers, hiring them on a salary instead of paying a commission to the original managers.”

We trust there is nothing to LMFAO about the papers but we have a feeling they will still be party rocking no matter the outcome.-DocFB



Video Premiere: LMFAO “Sorry for Party Rocking” Watch Now!

Straight off of partying rocking with Madonna at the Super Bowl, here is "Sorry For Party Rocking" by LMFAO.

Its complete with Shufflebot playing "Foam Fighters" and all. lol.

Are they really sorry for party rocking? Check out the video to find out. Lost of product placing I see.

We know some of you are annoyed by these guys and their success.  They have remixed for everyone and even have David Hassellhoff and Kid of Kid n Play in this video.

Check it out and let us know what you think.-DocFB


Video: 90 Year Old Grandma Gets Her Dance On To LMFAO’s “Party Rock”

You can tell that everyday this 90-year-old grandma is shuffling. This is giving me a good laugh and wanted to share.

We are glad that unlike LMFAO, she keeps her pants on. She is really getting her groove on big time!

Check it out above and let me know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Scuse her for party rocking....


Justin Bieber & David Hassellhoff Join LMFAO For AMA Performance

We thought we were saved when Justin Bieber joined LMFAO on stage without taking off his pants. Unfortunately, David Hasselhoff took off his.

LMFAO performed "Party Rock Anthem" and then for "Sexy & I Know It" they took off their pants n striped down to their drawers.

At least the performance was high energy, which cannot be said for a lot of performers last night at the AMA's.

Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You all see Justin Run? Haha


A Halloween Treat! A House That Party Rocks Like LMFAO

Although I think this is kind of cool, the neighbors would be pissed if the house was playing "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO all the time.

Although people are arguing on Youtube, this house doesn't exactly really exist...or else someone is mixing quite a lot of songs with the images of the house and recording it over and over.

Regardless, we think it is kind of cool.  We wish there was a "Party Rock" house like this around where we live.

Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Everyday I'm pumpkining