Lady Gaga Performs & Talks Acting Future With Ellen

Ellen has supported Lady Gaga from the start so when Gaga is on Ellen, she opens up more to her than other interviewers.

Gaga talked about an acting career.  We haven't seen too much from Gaga on the acting front except for her brilliant appearances on Saturday Night Live.

She talked about wanting to work with Woody Allen and getting dropped from her first record label.  I am sure the executives that dropped her are kicking themselves big time.

Check out why Ellen made Gaga almost pee in her pants and her performance of "Marry The Night" above..-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Were her eyebrows a tribute to Andy Rooney?


Video Premiere: Lady Gaga “Marry The Night” Watch Now!

Lady Gaga's new video "Marry The Night" is now out. It is a long form video that shows Gaga in the hospital to rolling around on cars to doing an aerobis class.

The video clocks in at 13 minutes and reminds us of Tawny Kitaen crawling around on cars in that 1980's Whitesnake video and then if Madonna took an aerobics class in the 1980's as well.

What are you waiting for? Watch the video HERE!!!


Lady Gaga To Perform On Grammy Nomination Special

Lady Gaga Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Lady Gaga Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Lady Gaga Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Lady Gaga was announced as a performer on the Grammy Nomination Special that will air on Wednesday, November 30th on CBS.

Along with Lady Extravaganza and Jason Aldean are the first two to be announced for the special.

We have a feeling that Gaga will perform "Marry The Night" her latest song and she has filmed an upcoming video, which the photo above is from her shooting the video in L.A. She also filmed more portions of the video in New Jersey earlier this month.

Well, we will be watching the Grammy special now to see Gaga's performance for sure.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Expect Gaga To Get A Buttload Of Grammy Nominations


Lady Gaga Reveals Cover For New Single “Marry The Night”

Lady Gaga Marry The Night Cover
Lady Gaga Marry The Night Cover

Lady Gaga Marry The Night Cover

Lady Gaga revealed the artwork for "Marry The Night" her latest single.  Lady Extravaganza also filmed a video for the song in Hollywood, California and Staten Island, New York last week.

The video will be released in early November.

Lady Gaga tweeted the cover saying: “This is my favorite song on the album. Are you ready, Fernando Garibay? This one is our baby,”

We have no idea why she is talking about Fernando when she is obviously talking about us.  We kid.  We kid.

Regardless, we are looking forward to the video.  It is nice to see some artists still making videos an event and are looking forward to the next single off of "Born This Way" and selling a few more million copies.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Marry The Night, Cheat On Her With The Twilight