Lady Gaga Performs & Talks Acting Future With Ellen

Ellen has supported Lady Gaga from the start so when Gaga is on Ellen, she opens up more to her than other interviewers.

Gaga talked about an acting career.  We haven't seen too much from Gaga on the acting front except for her brilliant appearances on Saturday Night Live.

She talked about wanting to work with Woody Allen and getting dropped from her first record label.  I am sure the executives that dropped her are kicking themselves big time.

Check out why Ellen made Gaga almost pee in her pants and her performance of "Marry The Night" above..-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Were her eyebrows a tribute to Andy Rooney?

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  1. There’s just so much love. She’s just greatness.Loved Love Lovely (goes to find the book)

  2. Is there any tv shows she hasn’t done this year? Does she really need to promote everything so much. She’s really in danger of over-exposure. I don’t even watch her performances anymore as I know what to expect. Go away and take a holiday, love. Gives us all a break.

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