New Madonna Video “Girl Gone Wild” Reminds Us Of “Single Ladies” SNL Skit

Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope

Madonna Promo Photo Courtesy Of Universal/Interscope

The new Madonna video “Girl Gone Wild” has officially been released and aside from a cool looking dance effect and that her alter ego Dita is back, it is still the Madonna of old.

When I say Madonna of old, I mean several gay men dancing around her but this time in heels….which doesn’t exactly remind me of Prince in heels dancing but more like when Saturday Night Live did a parody of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

Madonna looks hot. Let’s get that out of the way. Girl can work at 53 like she did at 33. She is not going to lose her gay following regardless of Lady Gaga and her fans smashing on her every chance she gets. I’ve seen this before is all. Someone said if it isn’t broke, why fix it?

The reason perhaps is because she was an innovator, especially of the music video format. Her hotness and the dancing effect, I like. Everything else is a Madonna cliché that has worked before. Although, again, the men in heels just remind me of that Justin Timberlake “Single Ladies” skit.-DocFB




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  3. 3121Xperience

    Her best video in years. Not ground breaking or original but VERY Madonna. From the dancing to her look, everything just drips of classic Madonna. The video us longtime fans have been waiting for years to see! Can’t wait for the tour!

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