New Madonna! “Superstar” Listen Now!

Madonna Photo: Universal/Interscope

Madonna has officially released "Superstar" the latest from her MDNA album.  It still not is giving us anything different from the "Queen" of pop.

Girl is still looking hot though.  She has been rehearsing hard for her tour and getting banged up along the way.

Madonna Photo: Universal/Interscope

Madonna Photo: Universal/Interscope

Check out "Superstar" up above and let us know if it moves you.-DocFB

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  1. @ alfred — LOL !! Good one!

  2. Zzzzzzzzzzz… in the words of Vanity, “wake when she’s done, looks like Madonna’s the only one having fun.”

  3. Not diggin……she is now into, what…….. 3 singles deep, off MDNA, and none of these songs have caught much play. surely there is mega hit somewhere in there….I mean it is Madonna…..and her first outting with Live Nation…..will this be a flop? time will tell

  4. Baby you’re a firework..

  5. Not feelin this one.

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