Behind The Scenes In Mexico With Katy Perry

Here is behind the scenes footage of Katy Perry on her California Dreams tour in Mexico. I think my spanish is better than hers but she looks better in a low-cut dress, so we are even. Check out the footage above.-DocFB Diagnosis: You can call me ketchup?

Survivor Producer To Stand Trial In Mexico For Murder Of Wife

Bruce Beresford-Redman & His Late Wife Monica. File Photo

I’m sure you all remember this story and wondered what happened.  Well, Survivor producer (Or should we say former Survivor producer) Bruce Beresford-Redman is going to have to stand trial in Mexico for the murder of his wife Monica. Bruce has been locked up in a L.A. prison since November of last year after police […]

Matt Kemp Hits It Out Of The Park With Rihanna

Well, so much for being “just friends” right Matt?  Matt Kemp was spotted over the weekend in Mexico with his new girlfriend Rihanna.  Yes, that Rihanna. The Los Angeles Dodger star has recently been linked to the singer but has claimed they were just friends.  I wish I can grab some of my “just friends” […]

Cindy Crawford Invades Mexico

I hope George Clooney knows some photogs can get a great view of his guests on his patio deck.  Either that our he will def be doing something about it soon.  Cindy Crawford was there chilling with her daughters, which we did not use a photo of, while at George Clooney’s pad in Puerto Vallarta, […]

Did Olivia Newton John’s Ex Fake Own Death???

There are rumors slowly turning into fact that Olivia Newton John’s ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott, who has been missing for 4 years and pronounced dead, is actually very much alive. What in the name of Karina Kay is going on here? The search never really ended as McDermott was spotted 16 times in Mexico since his […]