Motley Crue Announce Last Tour Dates Ever; Last Ever Concert In Los Angeles New Years Eve

Motley Crue Photo: Kevin Mazur/GettyImages.com

It is taking them almost 2 years to do it but the last Motley Crue tour is set to end at the end of 2015. New Years Eve in Los Angeles to be exact.

Alice Cooper again will be the opening act for the 2nd leg of the North American Tour. Before they kick off the last leg, they will stop in Japan for their final shows there before kicking off in the U.S. July 22nd in Oregon. Another notable date is August 12th which will be their final show in New York at the Barclay's center.

For tour dates, click here!

The band also revealed their latest single "All Bad Things" today which will be part of an ultimate collector's album released sometime this year.-DocFB

Diagnosis: You can download the Crue's greatest hits for FREE via Google Play until January 27th.


My Take On The American Music Awards

American Music Awards Logo.  Image: Dick Clark Productions
American Music Awards Logo.  Image: Dick Clark Productions

American Music Awards Logo. Image: Dick Clark Productions

The American Music Awards was the best AMA's in about 10 years. A majority of the stars were on hand except for Beyonce and Taylor Swift.  A couple years ago, almost every award winner was not there. Another year, the biggest act performing was the return of Motley Crue.

Lady Gaga did not disappoint but left the show empty-handed.  Will the Grammys get it right?  Kelly Clarkson belted out a tune. Carrie Underwood proclaimed her love for her "Cowboy Casanova" with a bevy of back-up dancers.  Janet Jackson went through a medley of her hits surrounded by her new song "Make Me" and an outfit that did not complement her, but did not provide a Super Bowl moment.

A few random notes:

-Was Taylor Swift really in London via satellite or was it to make sure she would not be interrupted by Kanye? (I kid. I kid.)

-Why is no one talking about Green Day's solid performance?

-How hot was Sofia Vergara?

-Adam Lambert.  Wow or Ouch?

-Did you notice there was no host?

-Good job by American Music Award producers for editing Jennifer Lopez's performance of a forgettable song by taking out her fall during her performance.  By doing that, you brought attention to it, and provided a moment for us bloggers.

I had a problem with Michael Jackson being nominated for so many awards and winning.  It was based on his older CD's selling after his death.  It just wasn't fair for other artists to compete with that.  Thankfully, it is no longer whoever sells more wins, because the only artist to sell more than MJ this year was Taylor Swift. 

At the same time, by not doing a tribute, it cut down on Jermaine's speech.

What did you all think of the American Music Award show?-Dr.FB

PS I will be adding more to this later as time permits.