My Take On The American Music Awards

American Music Awards Logo.  Image: Dick Clark Productions

American Music Awards Logo. Image: Dick Clark Productions

The American Music Awards was the best AMA’s in about 10 years. A majority of the stars were on hand except for Beyonce and Taylor Swift.  A couple years ago, almost every award winner was not there. Another year, the biggest act performing was the return of Motley Crue.

Lady Gaga did not disappoint but left the show empty-handed.  Will the Grammys get it right?  Kelly Clarkson belted out a tune. Carrie Underwood proclaimed her love for her “Cowboy Casanova” with a bevy of back-up dancers.  Janet Jackson went through a medley of her hits surrounded by her new song “Make Me” and an outfit that did not complement her, but did not provide a Super Bowl moment.

A few random notes:

-Was Taylor Swift really in London via satellite or was it to make sure she would not be interrupted by Kanye? (I kid. I kid.)

-Why is no one talking about Green Day’s solid performance?

-How hot was Sofia Vergara?

-Adam Lambert.  Wow or Ouch?

-Did you notice there was no host?

-Good job by American Music Award producers for editing Jennifer Lopez’s performance of a forgettable song by taking out her fall during her performance.  By doing that, you brought attention to it, and provided a moment for us bloggers.

I had a problem with Michael Jackson being nominated for so many awards and winning.  It was based on his older CD’s selling after his death.  It just wasn’t fair for other artists to compete with that.  Thankfully, it is no longer whoever sells more wins, because the only artist to sell more than MJ this year was Taylor Swift. 

At the same time, by not doing a tribute, it cut down on Jermaine’s speech.

What did you all think of the American Music Award show?-Dr.FB

PS I will be adding more to this later as time permits.



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  • LexAve456
    Posted at 14:55h, 24 November

    It was one of the better AMA’s I’ve seen in a while but it comes nowhere close to the 80’s or the 90’s. I also think that its a reflection of where music is today. It was as bland and boring as the music that was nominated. I will give props to Lady Gaga for daring to be different. She was the best IMHO. Adam Lambert’s performance actually made me cover my eyes a couple of times, just because of how shocked I was that I was seeing what I saw. With that said, it did NOT offend me. I just wish that if he was going to do that, he’d do it AFTER his album dropped, not right before cause he’s very talented. J-Lo fall was the funniest part of the show. She can sit there and lie about it being a part of the routine but it was clear that it wasn’t supposed to end up that way. And her song was crazy wack. She needs to sit down when it comes to making music.

    I’d give the AMA’s a C-.

  • timothy
    Posted at 10:51h, 24 November

    I grew up watching the ama music awards, back in the day when we had
    real music, real actual human beings that really played actual instruments,
    and used thier actual real voice to sing, they didnt need over produced
    over glitzed, over sized bloated horrible special effects, to take away and
    distract from the viewers attention that the song sucked, and they couldnt
    even sing it.
    this has to be the worst 2 1/2 hours of crap i ever saw.
    give me the 70’s 80;s and even some of the 90;s anyday.
    the show was reflective on our current state of the world.
    troubled unstable and lost souls.
    lady gaga (do you really need to smash a glass box have flames coming
    out your piano, smash glass bottles, give me a break!! why not audition for the rock band kiss you would fit in perfectly)
    dear alica keys and jlo do you have personal wardrobe that advise you on what looks good?? (quick news flash when you are curvy and full figured
    why would you wear short ugly silk shorts??)
    and both new songs suck!!
    this generation can keep your ipods blackberry’s, laptops and all your other electronic crap, i feel sorry for all of you.
    you missed out seeing real bands like zeppelin, fleetwood mac, the stones,
    aerosmith, eagles, neil young, david bowie.
    every dumb performance I saw the ama’s looked the same.
    and adam lambert give me a break, you should of sung a cover instead
    of that horrible song you did, i dont think you grabbed your croutch enough and all your back up dancers, touching girls and boys, seems like you cant make up your mind, all done for shock value well news flash
    miss thing i wasnt impressed , you give gay people i bad name!!
    2009 music sucks
    ama sucks

  • Controversy12
    Posted at 07:00h, 24 November

    Doc I enjoyed the show … it had some very entertaining moments for me … loved Janet, Lady Gaga , Mary J Blige , Kelly Clarkson , Keith Urban, Whitney Houston and beleive it or not Rihanna even held my attention. I guess you have to get what you can out of these shows.

    As far as “Michael Jackson being nominated for so many awards and winning” … I didn’t have a problem with that .. It was my understanding that the nominations are based on radio airplay & record sales … it is so unfortunate that Michael Jackson passed away this year … however interest in his music peaked and radio began to play him more & sales were up.
    There was also online voting and Michael Jackson fans are deidcated.

  • Chocolate_Box777
    Posted at 22:13h, 23 November

    I agree with Dreamer. I actually attended the show. Only because Janet was opening. Sorry 2 say i was disappointed. The show was just boring 2 me. Gone r the days of actual superstars. The eighties was the best AMA’S.

    iT WAS JUST A CERTAIN ENERGY BACK THEN THAT IS SERIOUSLY LACKING NOW IN MUSIC. Maybe the music is the blame. The only one that excited me was Lady Ga Ga. She always does the unexpected. But the rest yawn excuse me. Also Prince is right about the sound in that place, The place is immaculate. But the sound is HORRIBLE….Over all BORING BORING BORING

  • kenni
    Posted at 21:47h, 23 November

    This will be the last year that I will watch AMA…the best performances are no longer…simply put.

    Posted at 21:39h, 23 November

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  • Dreamer
    Posted at 21:13h, 23 November

    I disagree about this being the best AMA’s yet…janet’s Performance was the highlight……there were so many issues with this show it was ridiculous…two falls…sound issues…pitchy performances…and wrong song choices…..people that normally give great performances fell flat…black eye’d peas, alicia keys and whitney houston and her over singing the song and then there was that eminem, 50 cent, timberland rain wreck wasn’t even necessary

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