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We always appreciate hot tips or news being sent in! So if you work for a record label or movie company or PR agency, or even if you are a celeb wanting attention (on the hush hush ya know) or if you were at a cool show or had a celeb sighting, please send it in!  We […]

Aerosmith Settles Lawsuit, Will Give Free Concert

Agreeing to Fly to Hawaii and perform a make-up show in Maui seems hardly a punishment.  This performance will clear up a class-action lawsuit filed in September of 2007 by fans who were disappointed when the group pulled out of a scheduled concert.  Lawyers for more than 8,000 fans filed suit, claiming Aersomith passed then up to […]

Polar Bear Cubs Ventured Out Just In Time!

Look at these cuties!!! How adorable are they?  These two where born on December 14, 2007 at the Netherland’s Ouwehands Zoo.  This morning, for the first time, they ventured out into the zoo’s main polar-bear enclosure. I’ve gotta say they have perfect timing. Today is the day the U.S, Norway, Canada, Russia, and Denmark will […]