Eminem Shows He Is “Not Afraid” At BET Awards

Eminem along with B.O.B. and Keisha Cole had in my opinion one of the best moments at the BET Awards...aside from the dead air censoring the curse words when Em performed "Not Afraid" even tho he did try to censor himself at times. 

I just wish I could say Eminem's new CD is as good as this performance but I can't.

Regardless, make sure to check out Em's performance of "Not Afraid" at the end of this performance n let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. Eminem is so sick with his lyrics,always have been always will be

  2. I didn’t enjoy Eminem’s songs for a while but now it’s good to me again.

  3. eminem is soooo sick n hiz recent song is just another great song. i recognize his liquid flow and his hott wordplay!

  4. I liked this performance … I haden’t seen Keyshia Cole in a while so it was good to see her onstage again

  5. Didn’t care for that performance at all!And pretty surprised that he went the lip sync route.Oh well…I guess he is just following suit with most of the others.lol

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