o2 Arena

Gaga Rocks The Balls

Lady Gaga rocked the Jingle Ball at the O2 Arena earlier wearing this hot red number. Screw Santa! I want Gaga to come….down and visit me this Christmas!  A blogger can dream can’t he?-Dr.FB

The Kings Of Leon In The Mix

The Kings of Leon will be releasing a remix album and DVD. Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake have been reworking some of the hot band’s songs. Added to the remixers list is Mark Ronson, Kenna, Lykke Li and Linken Park.  The band is very excited about this release. Also, there will be a DVD of […]

AEG Is Making Michael Jackson Fans Scream

AEG will give a full refund to fans who purchased tickets to Michael Jacksons’ This Is It tour at the O2 Arena. If they want a ticket as a souvenir though, they will have to pass on the refund. Seriously?  What about a $10-15 charge for the ticket instead?  The full amount of the ticket […]

Michael Jackson Wants An o2 Neverland Ranch?

The ever sensible man-child Michael Jackson has always been the eccentric one and it seems this time, he is doing it again. Rumors (I must stress rumors) are floating around that Michael Jackson wants AEG to build him a Neverland Ranch style place close to the O2 Arena.  He is rumored to be renting a […]