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Video Premiere: Lana Del Rey “Blue Jeans” Official Video Watch Now!

Lana Del Rey Photo

The “Blue Jeans” video by Lana Del Rey has been officially released after a fake leak of the video emerged yesterday. The video shot in black and white with underwater imaged focused and unfocused is quite beautiful.  I do not know why but with the vocal delivery and the way it was shot, it does remind me of […]

Video Premiere: “Kill My Boyfriend” By Natalia Kills

Her label will not confirm if the video above “Kill My Boyfriend” by Natalia Kills is official, but it is interesting to say the least. Natalia plans on killing her boyfriend for reasons such as that he is only nice when other people are around. The song is kind of joyful…for killing someone. It is […]

Video Premiere: “Lazy Day” Featuring Leonard Nimoy W/Bruno Mars!

  This is too funny!  This is the alternate version to “Lazy Day” by Bruno Mars but now featuring Leonard Nimoy on his lazy day. Have to love the whole Taxi Driver with the “Live Long & Prosper” hand signals in the mirror.  Also, at the 1:12 mark is Bruno Mars pushing a cart. Check […]