Wow! Eminem Opens Up About Near Death Drug Overdose! “I’m An Addict”

Eminem / Universal Music Group

Marshall Mathers's aka Eminem almost died a few years ago after overdosing on prescription drugs/pain killers. In a new documentary "How To Make Money Selling Drugs", Eminem talks about the experience.

"My name is Marshall. I'm an addict."

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Report: Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Rushed To Hospital; Possible Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson Photo: AceShowBiz.com

Not digging reporting this. At all. Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital early this morning in what is being reported as a suicide attempt.

Update: Katherine Jackson's attorney is telling media outlets that "Paris is physically fine and is getting medical attention."

Update: The suicide attempt may have been made because the family was denying her to be able to see Marilyn Manson in concert this Thursday.

Update: Paris has tried attempting suicide before but this attempt was far more serious.-Jackson source to TMZ

Update: Debbie Rowe has confirmed the suicide attempt with ETONLINE.COM

The news comes from TMZ, who has contacts within the Jackson family.

In the 911 call it was reported as an overdose and that there was cutting on her on her wrist or wrists.

TMZ is also sourcing cryptic tweets last night but I really don't feel quoting the Beatles is a cryptic tweet, do you Harvey?


We will keep you updated on this story as it progresses.

The only thing we have right now is the Jackson contact is telling TMZ she is OK.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Speechless......Get well Paris.


Jonathon Rhys Meyers Overdoses On Pills; Suicide Attempt?

Jonathon Rhys Meyers File Photo
Jonathon Rhys Meyers File Photo

Jonathon Rhys Meyers File Photo

We are being told by our sources overseas that Jonathon Rhys Meyers attempted suicide earlier this week.  He was hospitalized and has since been released.

He was found in his home slumped over.  No word on who found Meyers or how paramedics were called yet. 

Meyers has been in and out of rehab several times for previous addictions.

We really hope it is was not a suicide attempt.  If you or anyone you know has suicidal thoughts, PLEASE get them help.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Hope He Will Be OK


Greg Giraldo Has Died; Accidental Overdose


He was admitted into hospital for accidental overdose on Sunday.

More info shortly....-Dr.FB


Alexa Ray Joel Talks About Overdose

Alexa Ray Joel.  File Photo
Alexa Ray Joel.  File Photo

Alexa Ray Joel. File Photo

Alexa Ray Joel is speaking up and out about her overdose last month and she wants to help others who might be suffering what she was/is suffering from.

"I want to help young girls with something I know a GREAT deal about: Heartbreak-Related Depression. Although it does not get much attention in our society, it is a very serious and painful condition that often gets swept under the carpet. I hope to bring this topic more to light."

Alexa tried to take her own life after a bad-break up with an ex-boyfriend that led her to depression.  We have a feeling by helping others, she will be able to help herself.  We are glad she survived and is going back into taking psychology classes.-Dr.FB


Speculation About Michael Jackson’s Death

So today, there is a lot of speculation about Michael's death and his addiction to pain killers. There is going to be a lot of speculation for right now. I think the autopsy will not really reveal much.  The other tests that will not be known for weeks may reveal more.

I could speculate to high heaven and make you guys think I know what I am talking about.  Not going to do that. 

 I will say I have heard personally that he has had issues with his liver because of skin treatment in the past.  Again, I don't know this to be fact.  I am stating it now only because if something is found out, then where I heard it from was right. 

For right now, I will let others speculate what caused Michael Jackson to have a "severe" cardiac arrest and let them get millions of hits.  I rather be accurate and correct then be the "first" to post.  The announcement of his death came from a very reliable source and that was the only reason why I posted it.  Right now, too much misinformation is going on with the reasons why he passed.

I want to make a name for myself, but not in this way.  We will keep you up to date on the news surrounding his death but we will not be updating every hour to bring you the latest in how he may have died.  I will do my best to let you know what is fact and what is rumor.  I want you guys to be able to trust this site.

As well, I have not posted any pictures of MJ being taken away in an ambulance as at that time, he may have been dead and it is in extreme bad taste. I have not posted any photos of Michael Jackson's family members as well because at this time, I do think it is time to let them grieve without a flipping  being popped around at them.

I thank you for your time and as I said before, I will keep you up to date with more facts then rumors. That will mean less stories on him but then again, more facts.-Dr.FB


Wrestler Andrew “Test” Martin Autopsy Revealed

The young wrestler died of an accidental overdose. Oxycodone intoxication.

Sad and stupid.-Dr.FB