Lady Gaga Takes On Arizona’s Immigration “Law”

Lady Gaga did not cancel her shows in Arizona over the weekend, she decided to make a statement during her concert.

I find it interesting how she just goes into her musical number "Boys"  afterwards.

The law called SB1070 is what she is talking about and is deciding to be active and protest.

She gets rather animated and loud and screams and the crowd is loving it.

What do you think of what she said?-Dr.FB

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  3. How do you describe Lady Gag Gag? Limited talent. So so voice. Average to sub-average intelligence. Boring. Fat stomach. No t*ts. Chicken legs. A face that only a parent could love. Big nose with pimples and red splotches (without makeup.) Continuous bad breath (so it’s been reported.) Difficult to work with (it’s also been reported.) Empty headed. Debts far exceed income (she’ll probably end up in bankruptcy.) About a 4.5 – on a scale of 1 to 10 for 24 year olds. So really who cares what this on-her-way-out, out-of-shape clown “thinks” about immigration policy?

  4. This is of particular significance because Lady Gaga is more known for her support of gay rights. While the LGBTQ community as a whole tends to be supportive of other groups’ civil rights struggles, sometimes it is not always the case on the individual level. Mutual education on tolerance needs to be accentuated with both sets of immigrant rights supporters and LGBTQ rights supporters. Read more: economicrefugee.net/lady-gaga-comes-out-against-arizonas-sb-1070-immigration-law/

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