Photo Special! PRINCE & The REVOLUTION “PURPLE RAIN” Tour Photos!

In honor of it being 30 years since PRINCE & The REVOLUTION rocked the Houston Summit, The Houston Chronicle is featuring 40 photos from the “PURPLE RAIN” tour! You can access all the photos here, available by subscription. If you are having trouble seeing the photos, make sure to check out DrFunkenberry’s Instagram account for […]

Terry Richardson Releases Kate Upton GQ Magazine Outtakes!!!

Kate Upton photo madness???? Thank you Terry Richardson. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Justin Verlander? Not so much. I kid. I kid. Terry Richardson released some outtake photos of Kate Upton taken earlier this year for her now classic “GQ Magazine” photo spread. I do not know how people reacted in the 70’s to […]

Exclusive! D’Angelo Photo Special From 4th Of July HOB Sunset Show!

Here is your first look at photos of D’Angelo’s House Of Blues Sunset show in July 4th. The photos are amazing. We will have a full review of this show shortly and a few other surprises for you here on For some more exclusive photos of D’Angelo, click on the continue reading button….

Miley Cyrus & Shankman Scandal! We Told You Last Year

This story originally appeared on here on June 23rd, 2009! HERE is the LINK!!!! These pictures where taken behind the scenes on the set of ‘The Last Song’. Director Adam Shankman posted them on his twitter account. Now, I feel I’ve seen worse from Miley, so what’s the big deal. People are saying these are […]

Photos Of Michael Jackson’s Resting Place Leaked

The photos above¬†are from TMZ.¬† They were posted on November 8th without a photo credit and are of Michael Jackson’s tomb. It appears the photos were from Karen Faye, a longtime Jackson employee, who did Michael Jackson’s make-up and is very friendly with MJ’s brother Randy Jackson. Some people are led to believe that TMZ […]