President Of The United States Of America

Does Kanye West Just Want Attention?

With what happened on Sunday, it brings a question to mind; Does Kayne West know the difference between good attention and bad attention or does he just know attention and is an attention whore? No one in their right mind would want the attention Kanye is getting, except for someone who wants attention, no matter […]

Rolling Stone Covers Obama

After the Advocate, Rolling Stone follows suit by doing an Obama cover. The article is a round table about “Obama So Far” 7 months after he has been in office. Not only a cover but a round table which features Michael Moore. I may need to get over my Rolling Stone ban and read this […]

Inauguration Day: A Whole New Start & A New Dawn

History is being made today.  Barack Obama becomes President Obama. Today, I turn the site over to you, the Funkenberry readers to express what this day and moment mean to you.  Please share your comments and feelings regarding this moment in history. Much love to you all on this day as we move forward in […]