Does Kanye West Just Want Attention?

Kanye West File Photo
Kanye West File Photo

Kanye West File Photo

With what happened on Sunday, it brings a question to mind; Does Kayne West know the difference between good attention and bad attention or does he just know attention and is an attention whore?

No one in their right mind would want the attention Kanye is getting, except for someone who wants attention, no matter if it is good or bad. I mean the President of the United States of America called him a jack ass. Jay Leno cracked that George W. Bush said that "Kanye doesn't care about white people" and the audience laughed.

3 days later, the incident is still being talked about by me and others.  Patrick Swayze passed away but all everyone seems focused on is Kanye.  For everyone, they would hate attention like this, but does Kanye.  He has NEVER been talked about this much. Kanye has done this crap before, but for himself. Whining when he does not win something. Boasting we don't know just how brilliant he is.

His desire for attention is almost as big as ego to let everyone know he is the greatest of all time no matter what he does.  So if he did this all for attention, even if he is sincere for hurting Taylor Swift in the process, maybe Kanye is brilliant. People who think this is going to kill Kanye's career, it's not going to happen. Kanye has talent, but his ego needs to land back on earth.

I put the question to you now.

Did he do it all for attention? Does Kanye know the difference between good attention and bad attention? Is this really going to stop you from listening to his music? Let me know.-Dr.FB

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  1. Apology or not…Lost total respect for Kanye and what he did was totally inappropriate and I will be boycotting his music….Now if it was 4 attention he got his 15 minutes and am sure he is regreting every minute of it

  2. he acted like he was drunk or something!! i want to know who the numbnuts was who let his ass up there when it wasn’t his turn for anything in the first place!! don’t they have people regulating the flow on and off stage, etc??? if they didn’t they will now!!! anyway did you see him on jay leno’s show after that? boy he looked like he wished the earth would open up and swallow him when jay asked him what his mama would’ve thought about that stunt!!

  3. Sorry doc, the comment didn’t show up on my screen till today, I thought it had been deleted!!

    Just heard this breaking news!!

    Kanye West just interrupted the funeral of Patrick Swayze to say, “Michael Jackson Had the best funeral ever!!” And then left without further incident….

  4. or maybe rage against the machine.
    learn to rhyme and be humble to your people at the same time.
    now there is something new! ..hmm

  5. the guy is a loser
    he is like another anthony mundine
    show pony, no respect, just a plain all out loser.
    only a small percentage of the market is into him,
    he has made cash but does he have respect of the people?
    hell no, never did.
    take some advice from the old time soul/r&b greats who didn’t speak down to people, try become a better person kanye, read the bible, go live in a monastery with the munks for a few months. do something, just fucken change already. you’re an empty man. you need to hang around stevie wonder or somethin

  6. i can’t stand this asswhole……there will never be another micheal j.

  7. Definitely attention, he did not care about beyonce or her video and he probably wanted to overshadow the mj tribute performance featuring janet. He wanted to be the center of attention like a little brat. Since this is not the first time of outburst of his foolishness, i never dug his un-inspiring music anyway. Its all recycled and not original. Kinda find it ironic how he dissed one president and get dissed by another president

  8. This guys “music” sucks anyway! I don’t get it! Why would anyone pay any attention to him…….oops I just did.

  9. Attention whore! Straight up!

  10. I find the whole thing staged!Me personally… I wouldn’t have appreciated Kanye speaking about me or my video!Referring to Beyonce.I would not want it to be interpreted that I gave him approval to speak for me!But obviously Jay-Z wasn’t bothered too much by it because he performed with the “jacka**” the following night!For one if you have to hype yourself up that much then you truly do not have that much to offer! If you are great people are going to find you!And no matter how great Kanye thinks he is…he still has alot of growing up to do!And let’s face it talent or no talent he ain’t nowhere near the Michael Jackson status nor will he ever be!Kanye’s probably just mad because Taylor sold more records than he did!lol What’s the saying”there is no such thing as bad publicity? As long as you are being talked about.”And as far as not listening to his music…if you continue to support people who are horrible role models that sends a messgae to them that no matter what their behavior is you, will still be running to the store to buy their music.In his mind he thinks”I can act badly, they are still going to buy my records!”What a great mentality! I find that celebrities are creeping to new lows everyday just to get in the spotlight! Too bad that they don’t just let the talent speak for them!

  11. I believe that his ego is so high that he really doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong time to voice his opinion. Moreover, having a boistrous arrogant personality mixed with alchohol is a recipe for disaster. Maybe this whole incident will be a wake up call for him to calm down and STFU! If he wants to talk ish about someone, let it be during the time he has the mic to speak. In any case, it’s not that serious. Some act as if he punched her in the face and spit on her or something. He was rude, he apologized, she forgave him, it’s over! More pressing issues in the world are going on right now and some want to make this out to be another chrhianna gate.

  12. What are you talking about???? Nothing was changed in anything you wrote.

    Nothing. At. All.

  13. So ure censoring too?

    What’s up doc?!

    My comment was a valid comment!

  14. Let’s assume keith urban did this to Kanye, it would have been portrayed as a racially motivated attack, and Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Gloria Allred would be pushing for his label to drop him, for a radio boycott, a lawsuit would have been filed and life as Keith Urban knew it would be over! However, Kanye West does this to a lil white girl, and all we say is “That was Wrong!” Where’s our racial attack card?! Oh yeah, we don’t get one. Where’s Al and Jesse?! Eatin dinner with Kanye laughin bout the whole thing and callin Obama out of his name! Something, Somewhere just isn’t right!

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