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Perez Hilton Releases New Statement; My Response

Since we posted Wil I Am’s video and rebuttal but not Perez’s video because it was exclusive to his site in order to generate hits off of what happened, here is his response. We lifted this from his site as he has lifted countless stories from here: To read what he said and my response….

Perez Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen, Prince & The Ex

In the most interesting six degrees of seperation, or in this case, 3, Perez Hilton has added more fuel to the already smoldering  Gay Marriage issue. Just recently, this huge ongoing debate has raised eyebrows with all celebs as it comes to equal rights.  Speaking of gays, talk show host Ellen had bisexual or confused […]

Perez Hilton On Gay Marriage: He Is Right!

If you have not heard about the Miss USA Gay Marriage question from Perez Hilton this week, you are either dead, under a rock, or getting boned again by Marilyn Manson. The question asked by Perez pertained if same sex marriage should be allowed. You knew as soon as she started talking about opposite marriage, that […]

Video: Courage, Campaign, Fidelity

After watching this video, please click HERE! Sometimes, you need to see the faces of who you are voting against.  Plain n simple, all we see is Love.-Dr.FB