Perez Hilton Releases New Statement; My Response

Since we posted Wil I Am's video and rebuttal but not Perez's video because it was exclusive to his site in order to generate hits off of what happened, here is his response.

We lifted this from his site as he has lifted countless stories from here:

To read what he said and my response....


Perez Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ellen, Prince & The Ex

Lindsay Lohan & Ellen.  Photo: Warner Bros. Studios
Lindsay Lohan & Ellen.  Photo: Warner Bros. Studios

Lindsay Lohan & Ellen. Photo: Warner Bros. Studios

In the most interesting six degrees of seperation, or in this case, 3, Perez Hilton has added more fuel to the already smoldering  Gay Marriage issue.

Just recently, this huge ongoing debate has raised eyebrows with all celebs as it comes to equal rights. 

Speaking of gays, talk show host Ellen had bisexual or confused star Lindsay Lohan appear on her show to discuss her lesbian relationship where she opened up about all things including her career.

On a side note, Prince's ex-wife got involved and posted on drfunkenberry.com's official facebook page after a tweet about Prince on his way to Ellen:

Manuela Testolini, Prince's ex-wife was the first to comment and stated:

"I hope she asks him how he  feels about gay marriage. something tells me he won't be as pointed as Miss California."

Lindsay Lohan was interviewed as we  reported earlier and not Prince. Her comments obviously stemmed from a New Yorker article from late last year that was full of misquotes as we pointed out. Perez Hilton even commented about those misquotes as well as Ann Power L.A. Times Interview.

It seems like this week with Perez Hilton's question to Miss California at the Miss USA Pageant about gay marriage has sparked fires everywhere. Even with Ex-wives.

Love see no color or gender.  Plain and simple. -Dr.FB


Perez Hilton On Gay Marriage: He Is Right!

Perez Hilton File Photo
Perez Hilton File Photo

Perez Hilton File Photo

If you have not heard about the Miss USA Gay Marriage question from Perez Hilton this week, you are either dead, under a rock, or getting boned again by Marilyn Manson.

The question asked by Perez pertained if same sex marriage should be allowed. You knew as soon as she started talking about opposite marriage, that she was about to say something stupid.  Opposite marriage? Miss California Carrie Prejean said she thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman.  No offense.  "No offense."  Oh I just hate you and want to pee all over you but no offense OK?  Jeees!

Everyone is entitled to your own opinion.  That is what makes this country so great.  But your opinion means more when you are in positions such as she was.  Let's be honest here, that question cost her the pageant.  Plain and simple.  She is more unpopular than a Dustin Diamond & Denise Richards convention.

The sanctity of marriage.  Total BS.  As soon as church and state became involved in marriage, you lost that argument.  If you are so against gay marriage, then maybe you should be more against straight marriages divorcing.  You want to talk about sin?  Doesn't it say til death do us part?  Well then.

Perez is in the right.  It was a fair question.  It is no secret we support gay marriage.  Let them get married.  Why do you care so much?  What harm are they causing you? We are taught to love one another right?  He is being outspoken because he was involved in the controversy and has been a gay rights activist in his own way since the inception of his site.  He has a voice and wants to be heard. 

Just like I said before, this country is great because you can have an opinion.  It just so happens that Perez's opinion is the more popular one and the right one.-Dr.FB


Video: Courage, Campaign, Fidelity

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Sometimes, you need to see the faces of who you are voting against.  Plain n simple, all we see is Love.-Dr.FB