Rap God

EMINEM Channels The 80’s In New Video For Rap God

EMINEM is taking it to the 80’s in the new video for “Rap God” channeling Max Hedrom from those Coca-Cola commercials back then. As he drops the other “F” bomb consistently, it seems he gets a pass…only because the outrage when he says it seems to be minimal. Doesn’t mean people are not upset. Maybe […]

EMINEM Performs “Berzerk” & “Rap God” At EMA’s & His Mic Is On!

EMINEM took over the EMA’s receiving the Icon Award and performing “Berzerk” and “Rap God” and we are starting to think it is the way “Berzerk” is performed that looks like he is lip syncing. Not as big as he once was, but still dominating….. No backing track is used during EM’s performance of “Rap […]

EMINEM Release New Song “Rap God” Listen Now!

Less than a week after dropping “Survival” Eminem has released a new song from MMLP2. The song is entitled “Rap God” and is vastly different from “Survival” and the first single “Berzerk” released in August. Eminem’s flow is still as strong as ever but goes back to the word that rhymes with “Maggot” yet again. […]