Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover Revealed

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover
Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Here is the cover of Lil Wayne's Rebirth CD which has been pushed back more times then any CD in recent memory. 

The CD is now set to be released December 21st, but we are not holding our breath.  Not feeling the cover but at least it is not a close up of his face.-Dr.FB

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  1. follow up mail plz. sorry. C

  2. …..and who’s got the back cover in jpeg format? can anyone mail it me plz. cheers Cobhman

  3. What’s up with the guitar? Is he playing it now or just being a poser?

  4. They should have a ugliest man alive People cover issue. Guess who would win?

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