Richie Sambora Remains Mum After Bon Jovi Announces He Is No Longer In The Band

Richie Sambora.  Photo:  Lisa Margoroli

It appears it was more than just a break as Bon Jovi has announced the firing of Richie Sambora from the band.

Us Weekly confirmed Sambora's firing yesterday but the band remains mum on the situation as does Richie.

Richie has not posted anything official about being out of the band yet or released an official statement regarding his firing of a band he has been a part of for 30 years.

Although there is confirmation of the split, they are not saying he has been fired or that he has left, but he is no longer with the band. Odd, right?

Sambora has not performed with the band since at least April 3rd.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Bon Jovi is not Bon Jovi without Sambora.....


Bon Jovi Performs On Ellen; Talks Richie Sambora’s Absence

Jon Bon Jovi & Ellen Photo: Ellen.Com

Bon Jovi performed one classic and a new song on Ellen and Jon Bon Jovi sat down to talk to Ellen. The conversation quickly turned to Richie Sambora who has left the band for personal reasons.

They talked about it being 30 years since their 1st album and Richie came up. Jon kept it classy not stating why Richie has left but says he is still in the band.

They performed the classic "Who Says You Can't Go Home" above and the new song "What About Now" below.

Jon also hooked up the audience for the band's next tour date in L.A.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Missing Richie....


Richie Sambora Drops Out Of Bon Jovi Tour; “Personal Issues”

Richie Sambora.  Photo:  Lisa Margoroli

Well, this news sucks big time! Richie Sambora is dropping out of the current leg of the Bon Jovi "Because We Can Tour" with the next show being in Canada.

Bon Jovi's official web site released this comment about Sambora;

Due to personal issues, Richie Sambora will not be performing on this upcoming leg.  All shows will go on as scheduled.

There was no inclination that Sambora was to drop out of the tour even via his Twitter account where he posted about watching cover videos by fans for "Every Road Leads To Home" his latest solo single.

We know that Sambora has had substance abuse issues in the past but we will not speculate until we know what exactly is going on.

This leg of the tour will end in San Jose, California April 25th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hope things look up for Sambora & Bon Jovi soon!


Concert Review: Richie Sambora Blends New & Old At Henry Fonda Show

Richie Sambora performed material from his new album "Aftermath of A Lowdown" along with a few Bon Jovi classics in a 2 hour set that had Los Angeles rocking. The show was a benefit for Hurricane Sandy will all profits going to the Red Cross.

The new material was strong and his band was spot in with David Ryan Harris backing him up on guitar. BTW, if you get to Sambora's solo shows, make sure to get there early as David Ryan Harris is also the opening act.

Sambora kept the crowd enthused throughout the show. He said "I know you guys want to hear the Bon Jovi stuff and I promise you, we will get to it." They did, but the new material was so strong, it was an added bonus.

I heard from two other concert-goers they enjoyed Richie's take on "I'll Be There For You" and "Livin' On A Prayer" because they feel Richie's voice is fuller than Jon's nowadays.

For good measure, Sambora even covered "Hungry Heart" by Bruce Springsteen. At the time of writing, there are no further Sambora solo shows listed and he is slated to start touring with Bon Jovi in early 2013.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Thanks To Lisa Margaroli For Helping A Hobbled Doc....


Richie Sambora Set To Rock L.A. To Promote “Aftermath Of A Lowdown”

Richie Sambora has just released a new solo album "Aftermath Of A Lowdown" and will be promoting the new album starting with a show in Los Angeles at The Henry Ford Theatre Tuesday November 13th.

Sambora was on Good Morning America, Live With Kelly & Michael and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last month to promote "Aftermath".

On Aftermath of the Lowdown, Sambora takes a major departure from his previous major label releases - Undiscovered Soul (1998) and Stranger In This Town (1991) – and returns to his roots, creating a vital and visceral album of raw rock power. The past decade has seen him become a reluctant tabloid staple, with his personal life dissected in magazines, on gossip websites and TV entertainment channels. For a guy from New Jersey who just wanted to play guitar it’s been a surreal ride. And while the supermarket check-out headlines don’t come close to reality, Sambora makes it clear on Aftermath of the Lowdown that he has a story to tell. Lyrically, he’s pulling no punches. “This is the truth, the lowdown,” he says. “And after you speak that truth, there’s always an aftermath.”

Here is the video for the first single "Every Road Leads To Home" by Richie Sambora.

If you are in Los Angeles, make sure to catch Richie Sambora at The Henry Ford Theatre November 13th. You can purchase tickets HERE!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Still Has It....


Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora Enters Rehab Again

Richie Sambora File Photo
Richie Sambora File Photo

Richie Sambora File Photo

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora is entering rehab for the 2nd time.  Radar Online broke the story.  

The guitarist recently finished up a successful tour with Jovi and it was released that "Richie recently has been drinking too much, and wants to get his life together," and so that is why he is entering rehab.  He is also doing this for his daughter Ava, who is 12 years old, her mother is Heather Locklear, who Richie was married to before divorcing in 2007 and entering rehab shortly after.

We wish Sambora a healthy and successful recovery against his addictions.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Living On A Prayer Is Better Than Living By The Bottle