Mariah Carey’s New Video “Triumphant” W/Rick Ross & Meek Mill Is Not So Triumphant

We've been waiting for this video for quite some time of Mariah Carey featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill and as pleased as we are to see Rick Ross fully dressed, we are less than pleased with the rest of the video.

First, Mariah looks hot. She still has it, in her 40's or not. I do long for the days where the focus was on her voice instead of lack of clothing. Mariah is proud of her body and has every right to be. I'm no prude but I do miss those days of the "Someday" video where she could just wear a black shirt and jeans and look just as hot.

Mariah does not need the help of hooking up with a Puff Daddy or Mase liek she did in the 90's for "Honey". She doesn't need Rick Ross or Meek Mill. She has the voice. The message of "Triumphant" is great but the video is a hot mess.

I want to see Mariah throwing knockouts with her voice and just her alone.

I LOVE Mariah but will put something else on over this. I'm hoping the next single will just feature her and no one else.

What do U think?-DocFB


New DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Kanye West Video Features Kim Kardashian

We wish DJ Khaled would have some way of letting us know it is his song that we are about to listen to. All sarcasm aside, DJ Khaled has teamed up with Rick Ross and Kanye West for the new video "I Wish U Would/Cold" which also features Kanye's favorite...ahem..you know...Kim Kardashian.

The clip is directed by Hype Williams and features the "Theraflu" rap that Kanye used before to dis Kim's ex Kris Humphries.

Kim appears on the clip around the 5:12 mark. We have a feeling this will not be the last time Kim is featured in a Kanye clip.

Check out the video above.-DocFB


Chelsea Handler Takes A Ride On Rick Ross…Says It Is An “Upgrade” Over 50 Cent

We wish that E! would post the whole Rick Ross Chelsea Lately interview but days later, we still only have the preview clip where Chelsea Handler straight up takes a ride on the Rick Ross train.

Handler confirms what we already know about her which is that she loves "big, black men" and talks again about her hook-up with 50 Cent and that hooking up with Rick Ross is an upgrade.

What else was discussed on the interview was not so much his new CD "God Forgives, I don't" was how his beard provides a cushion for a face ride. Ahem. All right there Chelsea.

So if you had a choice, would you choose Rick Ross OR 50 Cent?-DocFB


Mariah Carey Stuns On Cover Of New Single “Triumphant!

Mariah Carey Triumphant Cover

Although the new Mariah Carey song "Triumphant" with Rick Ross and Meek Mill does not drop until this Thursday, August 2nd, Mariah gave us a preview of the cover and she looks hot!!!!

She joined Instagram this morning and debuted the cover shortly after.  We LOVE it.

I know some of you are going to say she looks photo-shopped like crazy, so here is a photo below of her taken from this past weekend.

"Girl, look at that body!" She is working it!!!

What do you think of the cover of "Triumphant" by MC?-DocFB


Video Premiere: Rick Ross Goes Shirtless (Again) In “Hold Me Back” (Explicit)

Here I am afraid to walk around my own house shirtless til I get a 6 pack and here is Rick Ross not holding back in "Hold Me Back" his latest music video.

The black and white video was shot in New Orleans while dropping the "N" word quite frequently....so expect 16 year old white boys in suburban area's top be bumpin' this song quite frequently for the rest of the summer.

So...should Rick Ross put a shirt on or should he put a shirt on?-DocFB


Video: Rick Ross Featuring Usher “Touch’N You”

Here is "Touch'N You" By Rick Ross and Usher. The song features a slower flow from Rick Ross while trying to seduce a Nicki Minaj look-alike while Usher croons.

I'm digging the jam but sometimes the lyrics....especially the ode to 2Pac seem....a little easy.

Ross does put his own on it and Usher still proves he is the person you have sing while rapping over a beat. Ask Jermaine Dupri about that one.

The song is good....but will I still be playing it in August?

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.-DocFB


Rick Ross Says He’s “Good” After Plane Scare

Rick Ross File Photo
Rick Ross File Photo

Rick Ross File Photo

It is being reported that Rick Ross suffered a seizure that knocked him unconscious on an airplane in Florida earlier today.

The story was broke by TMZ and since then, Rick and members of his crew have tweeted he is ok.  They never denied the story but they state he is ok and TMZ updated that he is now in a hospital in Florida.

Ross was trying to fly from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee when the seizure struck.

No drugs or alcohol played in any part in Ross seizure.  Ross is a pretty big guy so it might be health more than drugs.

We are glad he is ok and hope he is flashing us his moobies soon in concert.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Scary stuff from The Bawse


Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Do History Of Rap Part 2 Watch Now!

They did it.  Again.  Justin Timberlake was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie "Friends With Benefits" which opens this Friday night.  While on, they did the "History Of Rap Part 2" and it was great.

It included N.W.A., Rob Base, Salt n Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Cypress Hill, DMX, Nelly, 50 Cent, Outkast, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Cali Swag District, Rick Ross, and Biz Markie along with others.

Check out the clip above for the History of Rap Part 2. We included part 1 below as well. It is funny and very cool. 

Justin and Jimmy did it again!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Fallon  & Timberlake Killing It Again!


Jay Z Tops Hip Hop Money Makers List


jayJay Z is nothing but D.O.A. when it comes to leading the list of top money makers in Hip Hop & Rap.

Forbes released their annual list and Jay topped it by bringing in $35 million in the past year. 50 Cent pulled in $20 million while Kanye pulling in $25 million and Lil Wayne pulling in $18 million. That's a  lot of lollipops to say the least.

Here is the list:

1 - Jay-Z - $35 million
2 - Diddy - $30 million
3 - Kanye West - $25 million
4 - 50 Cent - $20 million
5 - Akon - $20 million
6 - Lil Wayne - $18 million
7 - Timbaland - $17 million
8 - Pharrell Williams - $15 million
9 - T-Pain - $15 million
10 - Eminem - $14 million
11 - Dr. Dre - $13 million
12 - Snoop Dogg - $11 million
13 - Ludacris - $10 million
14 - Swizz Beatz - $8 million
15 - T.I. - $8 million
18 - Will.i.am - $8 million
18 - Common - $8 million
18 - Big Boi - $7 million
18 - Andre 3000 - $7 million
20 - Flo Rida - $6 million
20 - Rick Ross - $6 million
20 - The Game - $6 million
20 - Young Jeezy - $6 million

Interesting to me how many on the list have thier own clothing line or other ventures.-Dr.FB