Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles Shaves Her Head

All I know is last night at the Avalon/Bardot, I saw her with a full head of hair.  Maybe a wig. Who knows?  It has been hot and I have been rocking a shorter hairstyle but not as short as Solange’s, that’s for sure.   She has been ranting on twitter about it all day. What […]

Solange Knowles Day From Hell Ends With Trip To Hospital

All I can say is at least she got it out in one day! Solange has been sick for a little under a week and while attending an event yesterday had a “nip slip” that was slightly unnoticeable but still was seen and photographed. Maybe taking too much NyQuil (she did say it was making […]

Demetri Martin & Solange Knowles; Twitterbugs,

Demetri Martin, who has a new show on Comedy Central on wed. nights is our twitter celeb quote of the day: Real CNN Headline today: Surgeons Sends “Tweets” from Operating Room. Probably the only doctors on my insurance plan in all of NYC Funny stuff Demetri. Solange Knowles took to twitter to protect herself on […]