Astro Acts His Shoe Size While Escaping Simon & X Factor Elimination

Astro and Stacy Francis ended up in the bottom 2 with Astro copping a major attitude.

Astro did not want to perform for the judges to save his spot. Bad decision. When your own mentor L.A. Reid wants to send you home, you messed up.

With the judges 2-1 to send Stacy Francis, the decision is in Simon Cowell's hands.

Simon went off on Astro and there were either cheers saying Astro...or was it A-Hole?  Simon brought up Astro's mom and saying he was being disrespectful.

Astro said if he is in the bottom two, he doesn't want to perform for people who don't want me here.  What's going to happen if he ends up in the bottom 2 again?

Astro lost fans after what he said and did.  Simon sent home Stacy but said he almost changed his vote because of Astro's attitude.

There is no way Astro is making it to the top 4 at this point and time with only 9 acts left.

What did you think of Astro's attitude?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  The right act was sent home.....grow the heck up though....


Adam Lambert’s X Factor Favorite Brings It

A small Twitter war broke out last week when another blogger attacked X Factor contestant Stacy Francis and Adam Lambert came to her defense.

The attack? That she was too old to make it. Then the blogger heard that she sang with Chaka Khan and with Prince on stage during the 90's.

She performed this week with a better song choice and a much better outfit. Her voice was on point.

What the other blogger does not realize is that she needs a mentor, she needs X Factor, to train her to be better to use her powerful voice at the right time.

She has come a long way and last night's performance shows that.  She has never made it as far as this show is taking her.  Go on Stacy, do your thing.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We Are Sure Adam Loved It.....


Review: Nicole Eliminates Dexter On X Factor As Stacy & Josh Shine

Dexter Haygood was the first performer for the over 30's, Nicole Sherzinger's X Factor group.

Dexter covered Britney Spears and Katy Perry in his performance. I was hoping he would bring it. He had the outfit . He had the look. He found himself. Yet, it was not enough. The enthusiasm and energy were there. Just not the voice. Reid criticized Nicole for song choice while Simon called it the weirdest milkshake in the world. It would take someone messing up bad for Dexter not to be eliminated. No Dex Factor here.

Leroy Bell was next. The youngest looking 60-year-old I ever did see. He sang like the angel that we thought he is.

Reid criticized Nicole again for song selection. Paula called his voice velvet and hit the nail on the head saying that he sounded like Michael Bolton. Simon said he was lacking confidence and wish he was mentoring him. This is where it started to get ugly between Simon and Nicole for the rest of the show. It is obvious to me that Nicole is going to keep Leroy on Simon's comments alone.

Next is Stacy Francis who killed "Purple Rain" the last time we saw her. Out of all the contestants, she has had the most chances and performed with superstars in the past.

For the second time tonight, a contestant performed a George Michael song. Francis covered "One More Try" and hit it out of the park. She sang it. Not sung it. I liked the gospel feel of the song. I did not like her outfit and it is not a fashion show, but Simon agreed with me that the outfit was wrong. He criticized Nicole again for song choice and had to have Nicole explain to me what she meant by Stacy having wings. Regardless, Stacy is going through.

Josh Krajcik was next. The former burrito slinger is a favorite of mine. I am not afraid to say that. Josh did not dress up and I am wondering when we are going to see this guy in a suit. Regardless, it was not his best performance and he still nailed it. He used his raspy voice, touch, and zeal in the performance. It was not a tremendous performance but I know he has it in him to blow us away. Josh is going through to the next round. Simon fears him. Rightfully so.

Nicole did not go with her heart and eliminated Dexter, who seemed surprised by the decision. I am just glad he did not cry because it hurts seeing that man cry.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Keep Doing Your Thing Dexter


Stacy Francis Performs & Kills Prince’s “Purple Rain” On X Factor

Covering Prince is not the easiest thing to do, but Stacy Francis covered "Purple Rain" on X Factor pleasantly last night.

Nicole Sherzinger picked this song for Stacy, which was a ballsy call because, as I said, it is hard to cover Prince. She brought it. She has the vocals and in some places, she used her voice where it wasn't exactly needed, but it was great.

Many have tried to cover "Purple Rain" and failed.  Badly.  Yes, Leann Rimes, I'm talking about you.  Stacy is on to the next round.  No.  Doubt.  About. It.

Stacy Francis gets the funk pass.

Let's see; A Prince wannabe in the first few rounds of X Factor.  A former protegé auditioned.  Now, Stacy Francis covers "Purple Rain" by Prince.  3 Princely things in 4 weeks.  I am saying it again.  I will be surprised if we do not see Prince on X Factor sometime during this season.  & he knows it, I don't know Y.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  She Can Guide Me Anywhere...For A Few Hours....