Stacy Francis Performs & Kills Prince’s “Purple Rain” On X Factor

Covering Prince is not the easiest thing to do, but Stacy Francis covered "Purple Rain" on X Factor pleasantly last night.

Nicole Sherzinger picked this song for Stacy, which was a ballsy call because, as I said, it is hard to cover Prince. She brought it. She has the vocals and in some places, she used her voice where it wasn't exactly needed, but it was great.

Many have tried to cover "Purple Rain" and failed.  Badly.  Yes, Leann Rimes, I'm talking about you.  Stacy is on to the next round.  No.  Doubt.  About. It.

Stacy Francis gets the funk pass.

Let's see; A Prince wannabe in the first few rounds of X Factor.  A former protegé auditioned.  Now, Stacy Francis covers "Purple Rain" by Prince.  3 Princely things in 4 weeks.  I am saying it again.  I will be surprised if we do not see Prince on X Factor sometime during this season.  & he knows it, I don't know Y.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  She Can Guide Me Anywhere...For A Few Hours....

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  1. Good day

    Stacy aced this one guys i was impressed. i really need someone to send me the video on mp3/mp4 formate…… she owned that song in every respect

  2. ok, wonder how good she would have sounded, if it was JUST HER without all the background vocals, hype, etc…

  3. Chills & Tears … Yep, she had me there …

  4. she did ok…prince is the only who can sing the heaven out that song

  5. Wow, Stacy well done

  6. That guy would ask if would sell in today market who is he I bet u if Prince was sitting on that couch people would know him.. this is why I hate reality shows you have people that how no talent judging others….

  7. So wait, do they take the contestants into the studio to record and then have them lip sync on the broadcast?

    Regardless she sounds good. Nicely done! Not an easy song to pull off.

  8. Absolutely loved Stacy’s cover of ‘Purple Rain”. She knocked it out the box!

  9. Hands down the best non-Prince version of P.R. I have EVER heard. That was a sonic boom!

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