Mary J. Blige Talks About Tom Cruise Making Her Nervous & Hanging In Strip Clubs

Mary J. Blige talks "Rock Of Ages" and strip clubs with Chelsea Handler. She talks about being so nervous, she needed an acting coach before working with Tom Cruise.

It is hard to imagine Mary feeling so awkward, but she was. The conversation quickly turned into strip clubs with Chelsea asking if Blige ever stripped in real life. Hmm. It seems that she has...at least privately.

She also researched her role by going to strip clubs. I know a friend who would LOVE that job. Ahem.

Check out the interview with Mary. Will you be seeing "Rock Of Ages" this weekend?-DocFB


Sandra Bullock Suspected Jesse James Was Cheating

Sandra Bullock.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Sandra Bullock. Photo: GettyImages.com

Sandra Bullock was suspecting that Jesse James was cheating on her before the facts came out that he was.

Sandra would confront Jesse about it and he would always deny it.

An insider said; “Sandra suspected that Jesse was cheating. They got into four or five blowouts over it and every time he denied everything.”

He would say she is being paranoid and would say he goes to strip clubs and that is it. 

I know a few married couple's that go to strip clubs together.  Didn't know it was cool to go to a strip club without your wife.  Where can I sign up for that deal?

Guess Sandra wasn't paranoid after all, was she Jesse?-Dr.FB