Video: Johnny Depp Performs With Marilyn Manson At Golden Gods Awards

Johnny Depp took the stage with Marilyn Manson to perform "The Beautiful People" and "Sweet Dreams" with Manson looking rather out of it...or very intoxicated.

Depp looked cool rocking out on guitar and looked to be enjoying his performance and at the same time had the look that Manson was out of it.

Over the past few years, Depp has directed music videos for friends and does have some guitar chops.

Regardless, it is plain to us, Johnny Depp rocks at acting, at guitar playing, or whatever he wants to do.-DocFB


Exclusive! Evan Rachel Wood Celebrates Engagement; Performs “Sweet Dreams”

Evan Rachel Wood. Photo: Drfunkenberry
Evan Rachel Wood. Photo: Drfunkenberry

Evan Rachel Wood. Photo: Drfunkenberry

Martin Luther performed at Hotel Cafe over the weekend and brought some friends with him; one was newly engaged Evan Rachel Wood.

Evan, who is currently on True Blood, is engaged to Jamie Bell who met while working on the "Wake Me Up When September Ends" Green Day music video back in 2006.  The couple broke it off after a year together and Evan was linked to Marilyn Manson and was even engaged to Manson until 2010.

Ironically, during Saturday's show, Evan covered "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics, which was also covered by Marilyn Manson.

Check out the video above.  Thanks for a funky night Martin Luther and Evan Rachel Wood.  Total sweethearts.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Who am I to disagree?


Video: Beyonce: “Sweet Dreams”

Another week, another video by Beyonce. "Sweet Dreams" is the latest.

Hopefully, you all have been having sweet dreams lately.  From the start of the video, it really doesn't look like Beyonce is having "Sweet Dreams" but will that change? 

What do you think of it?-Dr.FB


Video: Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams”

Guess a new video a week is not enough as Beyonce hits us with the making of "Sweet Dreams", which will be another video released by her.

Beyonce.  Sasha Fierce.  I swear if she wasn't a singer, she would have more jobs than Ryan Breadcrust Seacrest.-DrFB