Exclusive! Behind The Scenes Of PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” Release Party!


Danielle Curiel, Nicole Kirkland, Maya McClean, Nandy McClean, and the entire "Breakfast Can Wait" video crew threw a release party for the PRINCE video. Just like the video, PRINCE wasn't there but fun was had!


Along with the video being playing a couple of times, remixes of "Breakfast Can Wait" (From The Breakfast Experience) were played as well.


Dani posted the party info on Instagram and Twitter a few hours before the event was to happen so it was a party for the crew and if you happened to be in Hollywood, you could have attended!

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Late Night Snax! PRINCE Puts Out “Bambi” Live Video + More!


Late night last night, PRINCE thru the 3rdEyeGirl Twitter account put out a live version of "Bambi" from his recent show in Portugal.

It is not the full clip and there have been longer "Bambi" clips released earlier this year but judging from YouTube comments, that really doesn't matter.

We had The Twinz on last week's Prince Spreecast. They worked on Prince's latest video "Breakfast Can Wait"...but could not talk about the video yet. It was an interesting interview nonetheless where we talked about their Superbowl performance with Prince, The Brit Awards, Saturday Night Live, and how they were "discovered" by Prince.

We will have a Prince Spreecast today and hope to have something for U.  The NPG Hornz are heading to Paisley Park...so maybe...hopefully?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Some women's Lovers do look like them tho....

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Sad News As The Twinz Mother Mo Has Passed Away

The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley
The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

The Twinz & Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

The Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, lost their mother, Maureen Gwendaline Moseley.

The Twinz released this statement regarding her passing;

"As you all know she was our favorite person in the world and we loved her with all our hearts. She was a true living example of unconditional love!!!
Larry Graham's wife Tina Graham said it best, "She's there".
To us "there" is a place we all strive to get to. Of being loving, caring, giving, and gracious. To live how all the greats teach us to live, a life of service to others."

From someone who would see Mo, their mom, at events always with a smile on her face and a dance in her step, this is hard and sad.  I can only imagine what it is like for the Maya and Nandy.  Maureen took ill last year during Prince's 21 Nights Forum run, and it seemed like she was on the road to recovery.  Their mom took ill again and were in Australia to be with her.

Maureen would house homeless children, about 200 in her lifetime.  The Twinz also shared this;

"She brought us up telling us to "follow your dreams" and that "anything is possible, just trust in the universe". She allowed us the freedom to be any expression that we wanted to be and loved us unconditionally. We used to call her "The best mom in the whole wide world", and she called us" the best little girls in the whole wide world". For a magical time the 3 of us lived in a one bedroom cabin in the forest and when we'd get into bed together at night we would all say, "This is the best part". Mom truly was the best part and truly, the best part of all of us."

I'm sending heartfelt condolences to The Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, the entire McClean and Moseley family and friends.  This world is truly a better place because she was in it.  Thank you for your smile, your accomplishments, your heart that welcomed people in where they had no place to go.  She will always be here...and there.-DocFB

Maureen Gwendaline Moseley

Maureen Gwendaline Moseley


Video: “Raise Your Glass” For Prince’s Twinz In Heroine December


Prince may be having a blast in Europe but he left his Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, here in L.A. to play with us.  N play with us they will this Saturday in their group "Heroine December" as they will be playing the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

Heroine December last played The Viper Room in early June, a little bit higher up on the Strip, and they did a rousing version of "Raise Your Glass" by Pink. 

If you are not doing anything this Saturday night, head on over to the House of Blues to check out Heroine December this "Weekend" for some fun.

For your pleasure, here is Heroine December covering "Raise Your Glass" by Pink.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The House Of Poiple


Video: The Twinz Get Splanked For George Lopez!


They are planking for peace...and splanking for....fun?  The Twinz, Prince's dancers and master plankers are taking on the new form of planking.  Splanking!

It is exactly like it sounds and I bet you wish you could do the splanking but the Twinz are so disciplined, they can do it themselves...to themselves.

Maya and Nandy have Donielle Artese and Ann K. on this time for a special lowrider edition of Splanking.  This is the FULL version of the Lowrider Splanking clip.  A shorter version was on George Lopez's show.

Check out the video above and keep planking for peace!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Plank4Peace Crew In Full Effect


Video: The Twinz, Rosario Dawson & Others Plank For Peace; Weekends Remix


I will be VERY surprised if this video does not go crazy viral and become a youtube sensation.  The Twinz (They dance for the icon Prince) are part of a band called Heroine December, and use a remix version of "Weekends Are Made For Fun" to use while planking around Hollywood!

They start in the streets of Hollywood and then end up at LACMA.  The lady in black is Rosario Dawson, who discussed her obsession with planking on Jimmy Kimmell Live.  It is a craze that is catching on big time!

The Twinz even share footage of planking on stage while on tour with Prince during his 21 Night Stand In Los Angeles. 

The video is hilarious and will have some of you wondering how did they get in there and did they really just plank there?

This was also done with with Michael D. Jones from Silver Heart Productions

Check out the video and let us know what you think.  We have a feeling you might be trying planking by the time the weekend is over.  After all, weekends are made for fun right?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Planking Is Made For Fun


Prince Checks Out Heroine December At The Viper Room!

Prince & The Twinz. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Copyright NPG Records 2011
Prince & The Twinz. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Copyright NPG Records 2011

Prince & The Twinz. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com Copyright NPG Records 2011

After a run of club shows last month at the Troubadour and the House Of Blues, Prince showed up Wednesday night at the Viper Room.

He did not perform though.  He was there to check out his dancers, the Twinz, perform in their group Heroine December.  They did a rousing 30 minute set that closed with an awesome cover of "Raise Your Glass" by Pink.  We will have video up as soon as we can get it uploaded.

We did tease earlier in the night about going somewhere via our Twitter account. Were we headed to Cobra? The Snake Pit? As it turned out, some of you knew we were heading to the Viper Room.

Prince back in L.A.  Hmm.  Cassandra O'Neil and Morris Hayes, NPG band members were in attendance as well.  Also in attendance was the Twinz mom, who has been having some health problems as of late.  I did not see her but glad she is out and about.

Check out Heroine December's 1st music video "Weekends Are Made For Fun" with cameo's from Tiny Lister Jr. of "Friday" fame and Nick Hogan (His father Hulk wrestled Tiny back in the day) and Letoya Luckett....plus a nice little symbol hanging from a dash of a car.

As for those that will ask what Prince looked like last night, well, he looked like Prince.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Every Weekend Is Fun If You Are With The Twinz!