Video: President Obama Sings With B.B. King & Mick Jagger!

He really is earning our term of celebrity President. President Obama performed "Sweet Home Chicago" last night at the White House with B.B. King and Mick Jagger egging him on.

It's not enough he can sing "Let's Stay Together" at the Apollo but he gets to perform with The Rolling Stone frontman AND the King of blues himself.

The performance was taped for a full concert from the White House on PBS which will air on Feb. 27th.

Check out his kick ass performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will Romney Or Santorum out sing him let alone out debate him?


Kal Penn Trades In ‘House’ For ‘The White House’

Kal Penn wwwdesiclub.com
Kal Penn wwwdesiclub.com

Kal Penn wwwdesiclub.com

 Isn't he a HOTTIE!  He's got me thinkin back to the good ol' days of Harold & Kumar.  Light up a doobie and get wild.

Kal has decided to leave the hit series 'House' and go directly to the 'White House'.  Kal's character, Dr Kutner, commited suicide on Monday night's episode of  the popular Fox Television Series. 

Penn rallied and was a vocal supporter during Obama's presidential campaign.  Kumar spoke out at Obama's inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial.  Penn will be the new Associate Director at the Office of Public Liasion.  He will help the Obama Administration connect with arts and entertainment groups.  All this seems to boring for Penn, but hell I guess I just see the weed smoker side of him. 

This is great for Kal and I wish him well, but PLEASE don't stop makin' movies, dude you are one of the best.  I love your humor, Kumar ROCKS :)