Watch Now! Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Perform On “The Colbert Report”

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Photo: Billboard.com

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett did an interview and performance on "The Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert last night.

Check out the performance from "Cheek To Cheek" above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Remember when all Gaga performances were a "must see"? This is what happens when you appear on every single show. Granted, this was her first time on Colbert, but she has been everywhere for over a year. I dig the Liza Minelli look but we need to miss you for a little bit.


Christina Aguilera Releases New Song With Tony Bennett “I’m Steppin’ Out With My Baby” Listen Now!

Christina Aguilera has just released her new song "Steppin Out With My Baby" and it is a duet with legend Tony Bennett.

The song will be on Bennett's upcoming album Viva Duets and will be released on October 22nd.

Along with Christina, the collection will also feature Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and many more.

Check out the song above and let me know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who wouldn't want to step out with Xtina?


Tony Bennet Clarifies 9/11 Comments He Made On Howard Stern

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse. Photo: Mark Allan
Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse. Photo: Mark Allan

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse. Photo: Mark Allan

Tony Bennett has made a statement regarding his comments on 9/11 during the Howard Stern Show.

Tony stated:

I am so grateful to be an American and as a World War II veteran, I was proud to fight to protect our values, which have made America the greatest country on the planet.

There is simply no excuse for terrorism and the murder of the nearly 3,000 innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks on our country.

My life experiences - ranging from the Battle of the Bulge to marching with Martin Luther King - made me a life-long humanist and pacifist, and reinforced my belief that violence begets violence and that war is the lowest form of human behavior.

I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world.

We really feel that Tony was just speaking his mind and was talking off the cuff.   It is obvious that Tony felt remorse for what he said feeling it offended people.

What do you think?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Bennett Is Still The Man


Tony Bennett Says Bush Told Him Iraq War Was A Mistake; Talks 9/11

Tony Bennett was on Howard Stern and says that when Bush was President, he told him the war with Iraq was a mistake.

He also talks about 9/11 and how we caused it because we were bombing them. Howard first thought he was thinking that he was a conspiracy theorist.

Tony Bennett has always came off as being of sound mind so I do not think he made up the George W. Bush comments.  His comments on 9/11 however....

Check out the clip above and let me know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Tony Tony Tony.....


John Mayer Postpones New Album & Concerts Due To Throat Condition

John Mayer. Photo: Flynetonline.com
John Mayer. Photo: Flynetonline.com

John Mayer. Photo: Flynetonline.com

For those that were looking forward to new material by John Mayer, you are going to have to wait.

John Mayer has a mass in his throat, a granuloma—an inflamed nodule or tumor-like mass of tissue—near his vocal  cords.  Because of this, John had to cancel a concert with Tony Bennett in L.A. and the Iheartradio performance in Las Vegas next week.

This also delays his next album titled "Born & Raised" until next year instead of this year, like he was planning.

He will be hanging around the West Village area until he heals, kicking around a can, as he said.

Get well soon John.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Waiting, Waiting On His Chords To Change.....


Remembering Amy Winehouse On Her B-Day With Tony Bennett

Amy Winehouse would have been 28 years old today. It is just a reminder at how young we lost Amy.

We remember her with some just released footage of recording with Tony Bennett and Amy talking about working with "Ton" on the song "Body & Soul" earlier this year.

Seeing this makes me sad. It shows, however, that her music will live on through us and through others that will be inspired by her music.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Happy Birthday Amy!


The Odd Couple: Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse. Photo: Mark Allan
Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse. Photo: Mark Allan

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse. Photo: Mark Allan

Tony Bennett was performing at Royal Albert Hall in London and Amy Winehouse was there.

We are glad this photo was taken to save it for our memory bank.  This has to be the odd couple of music in a photo.

Well...until a photo of Ozzy Osborne and Justin Bieber together is taken by Sharon Osborne.-Dr.FB