Sesame Street Along With Metallica Used To Torture Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

Sesame Street

Sunny days? Not if you were a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay! It is being revealed that Sesame Street was used as torture to prisoners at the facility. This is according to a new documentary released by Al Jazeera. The documentary entitled “Songs of War” stats that prisoners would have headphones put on them blasting Sesame […]

Does Anyone Care What Is Happening to Heidi & Spencer?

     Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Cover Up In L.A. Photo: So it seems for a week now, there has been drama on the set in the islands of Costa Rica I believe with “The Hills”  Heidi Spencer Pratt and Spencer Bratt Pratt, where they are filming “Im A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.” […]

Fox Censors Miss Shepard Smith Drop The F-Word

Woo Wee. Shepard Smith is an opinionated one to say the least. During an argument about the United States using torture he went off and the Fox censor’s missed it. He is heavily in the minority on this subject on Fox so we like that he is allowed to voice his opinion. What do you […]