Does Anyone Care What Is Happening to Heidi & Spencer?

Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Cover Up In L.A.  Photo:

     Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Cover Up In L.A. Photo:

So it seems for a week now, there has been drama on the set in the islands of Costa Rica I believe with “The Hills”  Heidi Spencer Pratt and Spencer Bratt Pratt, where they are filming “Im A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.”

From fighting with cast members to demanding off the show to arguing with producers.  Sometime over the weekend, Heidi had to be taken to a hospital by why Spencer accused was because of NBC’s torturous conditions and activities they had to do.  Spencer, threatening to sue (why are we not surprised) and NBC saying Spencer is overreacting. 

It is being reported that Heidi suffered a bleeding ulcer over the drama on the show while NBC stands by it’s stating that the lawsuit is friviolous.  All of this was taped and will air tonight on NBC.  Question is, will you watch?-Dr.FB




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