John Mayer Postpones New Album & Concerts Due To Throat Condition

John Mayer. Photo: Flynetonline.com
John Mayer. Photo: Flynetonline.com

John Mayer. Photo: Flynetonline.com

For those that were looking forward to new material by John Mayer, you are going to have to wait.

John Mayer has a mass in his throat, a granuloma—an inflamed nodule or tumor-like mass of tissue—near his vocal  cords.  Because of this, John had to cancel a concert with Tony Bennett in L.A. and the Iheartradio performance in Las Vegas next week.

This also delays his next album titled "Born & Raised" until next year instead of this year, like he was planning.

He will be hanging around the West Village area until he heals, kicking around a can, as he said.

Get well soon John.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Waiting, Waiting On His Chords To Change.....


Bruno Mars Documentary of Coming Home! Watch Now


Bruno Mars went from struggling for success to revealing in it.  A documentary of him coming back home to Hawaii to sell out an arena he never thought he could.  From "Nothing On You" to "Just The Way You Are" to his latest his "Lazy Song" and more.

Check out the documentary along with "Count On Me" in the above video footage.  Also, if you haven't already, you can check out the exclusive shots we got of Bruno Mars when he was touring with Janelle Monae a few weeks ago HERE.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Like 1, 2, 3......


Elisa Fiorillo Opens New Site; To Rejoin Prince In Fall

Elisa Fiorillo Photo: http://www.elisafiorillo.com/
Elisa Fiorillo Photo: http://www.elisafiorillo.com/

Elisa Fiorillo Photo: http://www.elisafiorillo.com/

The lovely and talented Elisa Fiorillo has launched her new website, ElisaFiorillo.com and it features new music by her.  The song "Peanuts & Toffee" is available for download on the "Roots" section of her site.

Elisa has been touring with Prince & The N.P.G. since last year and was part of his successful 21 Night Stand in Los Angeles.  She is home for the summer with her daughter and family and plans on re-joining the N.P.G. sometime in the fall, although she is not sure when yet. 

Although she is not in Europe, she is still creating music and doing her own thang.  Not only has she been creating new music, she has been on somewhat of a diet cleanse and dropped some serious weight on that little body of hers, making her look even better.   Now, let's see her do those moves she did on Arsenio Hall back in the day while performing "On The Way Up" on his show. 

So, check out ElissaFiorillo.com for some cool stuff and don't forget to check out "Peanuts & Toffee" while on there.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Much Love Elissa